Highlights from J-Obsession 2014!

Back in its 5th year running and held at the Cathay from 28th to 30th March, J-Obsession was a weekend of colourful sights and sounds. For those who may be suffering from "post-event withdrawal syndrome" (as some of us still do at anibee) or missed out on the fun and action, do not fret! We're here to give you a recap of the excitement that took place over the 3-day event.

Friday evening was kick-started with a showcase of local musical talents, featuring J-music performances by some of the community's well-known solo artistes like Serene Teo, and indie bands such as Deflated Monkeys, Syrius, and Big Time.

The second day of J-Obsession was a busy one, starting with more J-music performances by local talents such as Ruido, Suzume and Reina, followed by a performance showcase by this year's special guest cosplayer from Japan, Naoya Kirihara, from the performance group, Venas Sisters (VENaS.S). Cosplaying as Matsuoka Rin from "Free!", Naoya greeted the local audience with a lively dance performance that drew wild cheers and thunderous applauses from a delightful crowd.

Music performance by Blanco on Day 2 of J-Obsession

Special guest, Naoya Kirihara being interviewed by the MC (Kee Onn) after her performance

Next up was the much-anticipated Cosplay Competition which featured a visual display of colourful characters, aspiring talents and flashy showman ship as contestants vied for the top prize.

Special guest, Naoya Kirihara with the contestants for this year's Cosplay Competition

Each contestant gave it their best, and the judges (Jason Koh, Lawli Et, Shiro Ang & Naoya Kirihara) had a tough time awarding each contestant with points for being in character, having accurate and interesting costumes, and putting personal touches into their performances. In the end, the trio cosplaying as characters from "Kill la Kill" clinched the top prize with a lively skit, followed by an energetic dance to the song "Senbonzakura" by Mitsuki in a cosplay of Hatsune Miku from the Vocaloid series. A young group managed to place third, portrayed a very convincing skit in their "Diabolik Lovers" costumes complete with bloody make-up.

This year also featured prizes for every single participant as a reminder from the organizers and The Cathay for cosplayers to continue pursuing their passion and to keep striving for excellence!

The Project Band continued raising spirits with their dynamic performance which got the crowd dancing and jiving to the music, most notably "memeshikute" by a famous Japanese group, Golden Bomber.

Sunday may have been the final day for J-Obsession 2014 but the stage was just as lively as the day before. More J-music performances by our very own local talents like Vanessa and the band Candy Apple Sauce entertained the audience with their music, followed by a showcase of local cosplayers, Valerie Aya, Lawli Et, and Emi Liaric

Local Cosplayer Showcase, featuring Valerie Aya, Lawli Et, and Emi Liaric

If the local audience didn't get enough of Naoya Kirihara from the day before, Sunday's program proved to have plenty of opportunities to catch hold of the young and talented guest from Japan. She took the stage together with the guest cosplayers for a quick photo session, followed by some interactive games with the audience. The four cosplayers then sat down for an interview session in which the crowd got to know more about the differences between cosplay in Singapore and Japan, and also more about Naoya herself.

Interview panel, featuring Naoya Kirihara and our local guest cosplayers

Finally, they got to interact with Naoya up close and personal through an autograph and cos-card exchange session.

Autograph and Cos-card exchange session with Naoya Kirihara

This was followed by more performances by bands like Ryuusei and solo artistes including JUNE, the crowd was definitely tired but not ready to leave just yet, at least not until Rosti Plz closed the event with an energetic performance which got people on their feet.

Cosplay, Japanese music, and a dazzling overseas guest from Japan - J-Obsession 2014 celebrated popular subcultures with the biggest crowd in 5 years - and the memories will live on in each and every one of the event goers!