Win a King Blade X10 Colour Change LED Light!

What's multi-coloured, 'uber 'bling-ed out' and extremely cool? It's the King Blade X10 LED Light stick of course!

Not any ordinary light, the King Blade X10's greatest feature is being able to switch between 12 different colours! That's right, from Red, Blue, White, Orange, Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Light Green, Light Blue, Light Pink and finally, Violet (whew)!

With its 2 included batteries, the King Blade X10 can power on several hours, guaranteeing that you'd be the ultimate Wota!!

Check out the King Blade X10 in action HERE!

Q and Serene managed to snag one during their trip to ACE - and are now giving it away! Simply answer this question:

"How many colours does the King Blade X10 have?"

And post your answer on our Facebook by the 6th May 2013, 5pm. 1 winner will be announced on 7th May 2013, 12pm!

Get shining!

- Q