MAGES Institute of Excellence Contest - 50% off Game Design Workshop!

Caught our last article on the MAGES Institute of Excellence and now have the itch to begin learning how to create your own games? Here's something that ought to give you that little head start!

Simply read the game plot outline below, and give it an appropriate title in no more than 4 words!

1. Story:

MAGES Institute of Excellence

Princess Elizabeth of Bertamia was deeply in love with a commoner, Robert. Suddenly, a war broke out in the Northern part of the province. As a patriot, Robert volunteered to join the royal troops to fight the war against the Nartans of Optamia. Even after much persuasion from Elizabeth, Robert still persisted in going. The war started and Robert was gone. There was no news from him for days together. She spent hours waiting by the border, hoping for the royal troops to return.

MAGES Institute of Excellence

A devastated Elizabeth set out to look for the one man she truly loved. Her sword as her companion she swiftly rode across the border. Little did she know that she would end up being a victim of the war herself. She was attacked by the Nartans, who tried to kill her. Elizabeth lost her stallion and nearly escaped the enemy troops. Lost and wounded Elizabeth chanced upon a motionless body in the woods. The body belonged to the love of her life, who died fighting for his country. She wept all day, sitting next to him, cursing the very moment she let him out of her sight. Hearing the enemy troops approaching, Elizabeth had given up hope to survive. Just then, a white stallion came to her rescue. She rode back to safety, to her country. Since then, the horse became her talisman and companion. Unaware that Robert's soul was residing in the Stallion, guiding and protecting her every moment, Elizabeth started a new life. However she could never forget Robert and his memories.

9 Winners will stand to get 50% off when they sign up for a 4-hour Game Design Workshop at MAGES! (U.P. $88).

At the workshop, students will get to learn:

  1. Understanding of game components common to all 2D games
  2. Appreciation for secrets of a good game
  3. Understanding of game mechanics and Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  4. Problem-solving and effective use of resources for game development
  5. Understanding of game testing strategies

Email your game title to with your Name, NRIC, Age and Contact Number by the 29th October 2012! (Contestants need to be a minimum 15 years of age to be eligible)