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What's frilly, cosy, and always filled with smiles? Why, a Maid Café of course, and we certainly aren't strangers to these wonderful little establishments that aim to bring that extra bit of joy to one's life.


Q popped by the latest 'mobile café', the Fuwa Fuwa Run Maid Café, and was invited for an interview session with their special guests - Taiwanese cosplay sisters, Neneko and Momo!

anibee: Hello and welcome to Singapore, and especially for Neneko, welcome *back* to Singapore! How are you finding our country?

Neneko: (through an interpreter) Thank you, it's nice to be back!

I really enjoyed myself the last time I was in Singapore for 2012's Cosmo Youth Parade. I love your country very much, and I especially like the desserts you have here! All your various cakes and sweets - they're really yummy!

Momo: I really like that squishy, green one! (Nonya Kueh)

Neneko: Of course, meeting my fans and fellow cosplayers was also really nice, and I am very grateful that Cosmo Youth Parade has invited me back, as well as letting me bring Momo along!

anibee: You're both well known for doing characters that are both cute and moe, but yet, (especially for Neneko) also somewhat sexy in nature. Is there a reason for this?

Neneko: We just like the challenge of it I suppose! While I do admit that a lot of my choices are influenced by things my fans like and even request for, in the end I do what I do because they just happen to both be characters I like a lot, and ones that I find to be a good challenge for myself!

Momo: It's especially more so if we get to characters that are sisters, much like us!

Neneko: In the end, we just like doing characters that we happen to think are really cute!

anibee: What's it like, being sisters that cosplay together?

Neneko: It's both really interesting and fun! I started cosplaying about 4-5 years ago, with Momo starting not that much longer after me, so we kind of learnt things together.

Momo: Yes! Having a sibling in a hobby like cosplay has really helped out a lot. Even though she says otherwise, Sis (Neneko) has much more experience than me, and that has helped me learn many important things like how to conduct myself in public and introducing me to other fellow fans and cosplayers!

anibee: What does it take to be able to cosplay the kind of characters you both do?

Neneko: I don't actually think too much about it, when doing a character for cosplay!

Momo: Hey I wish I could do sexy characters like you, Sis! Hahaha!

Neneko: I guess having courage and confidence in yourself is very important, while at the same time being mindful and careful about things such as not accidentally compromising yourself too much. But I really don't think it takes a special person or anything to do it - as long as you have the passion for it!


anibee: What's the cosplay scene in Taiwan like, and how do you both think it differs from Singapore's?

Neneko: The scene in Taiwan is still quite young at the moment, in my opinion. Cosplay used to be treated with a lot of hesitation in the past, with people wondering "Why are they dressed so weirdly?"

Thankfully these days, it's slowly becoming more and more accepted and understood. I would hope that it would eventually be seen as a positive thing that should be encouraged and shared!

anibee: There have been more and more new cosplayers coming up in the past few years who have some trouble starting off, especially when concerning their parents. Do you have any advice for them?

Neneko: While I do understand why some parents would be concerned about cosplay, thinking that it's a waste of money or that it has some negative influences, we all know that it's not the case at all - it's up to us to show them.


Momo: Yes, there are many benefits to cosplay, and it's not necessarily just about spending money. You get to meet new people, you get to do things you normally would never do on your own. It's all about showing them the positive effects of the hobby in your own way.

Neneko: Cosplay has really helped to open the doors to so many opportunities for us; having met so many amazing people, getting to be on television etc. We all need to play our part in making sure that cosplay is reflected positively to everyone else. Hopefully one day everyone will understand what a wonderful hobby it is!

With overflowing cuteness, sibling love, and a passion for cosplay, Neneko & Momo are certainly a pair to keep a lookout for!


- Edited by Q

Photos courtesy of Brian Lim!

Special thanks to Cosmo Youth Parade & Fuwa Fuwa Run Maid Café for the invite!

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