anibee Cosplayer Focus: Nikki!

Great cosplay talents come from all across the globe, and from all walks of life! Today in Cosplayer Focus, our guest hails from the Philippines.

A huge fan of video games and the mahout shoujo genre, it's Nikki!


anibee: Hi Nikki, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! How did you first get into cosplay?

Nikki: Hi Q! Well, I started cosplaying by accident. As far as I can remember it was August 11, 2007 when a friend of mine invited me to attend a convention here in my country (Internet Cafe Congress).

Knowing that it has a cosplay competition involved, I decided to get dressed as Amane Misa from my favourite anime series, Death Note. I signed up for the cosplay competition for fun... thus, I became cosplayer number 93! That satisfying feeling of portraying your favourite character on stage, in front of a huge crowd then lingered and made me want to cosplay more.


anibee: A character you love, versus a character that "fits" you best (physically, personality, etc.). Which is more important to you?

Nikki: For me, it's a case-by-case basis actually hahaha!!!

Let's all admit that we have this certain character that we really love, and I am of no exemption to that. Most of the time, I cosplay the characters that I love and resembles me both physically and personally, but there are also times that I cosplay characters that I simply love even though they do not fit me. Some might criticise for not being an 'exact fit', but I can't help it if I like the character a lot! Besides, I could always compensate for that by doing a little character research and practice!


Here's a personal experience: I cosplayed Ranka (From Macross Frontier) even though I love Sheryl more. Why? Because I am more of a Ranka-type of person. Then, I cosplayed Mikuru (from Haruhi) even though she doesn't fit me physically and personality-wise but, it didn't stop me either! So just do what you feel is right - and stick to it!

anibee: What genre of anime/games/etc do you like doing the best? Is there a reason for it, or is it just coincidental?


Nikki: I always loved mahou shoujo (magical girl), maybe because I looked up to Sailor Moon when I was a kid. I always wanted to cosplay a mahou shoujo character but I was discouraged back then because I thought that I wouldn't be able to pull off such a 'pure' image.

But my cosplay of Cure Rhythm (from Suite Precure) in 2011 gave me the confidence that I needed to cosplay such kawaii/moe and magical characters. As a matter of fact, I have a line of mahou shoujo cosplans for 2013!


When I was just starting out, I cosplayed anime characters wearing seifukus (school uniforms) because I loved watching school-based anime at that time. Then, I tried cosplaying video game characters during 2008-2009. By 2010, my cosplays were influenced by the Monster Hunter series (just because I am an avid fan!).
I intend to make 2013 more of a mixture of anime and video game characters, just to keep it interesting!

Trying out something new for me is always fun and adventurous! I am always open for change and I am quite pleased to see how my cosplay has evolved and developed throughout my years in the community.

anibee: You've also travelled a fair bit to cosplay in other countries (such as Singapore for STGCC, etc). How do you feel the cosplay scene varies compared to the Philippines?

Nikki: It is actually hard for me to compare Philippines and Singapore because both countries are special to me, but I can somehow describe the cosplay community in both countries. :)

Conventions here in the Philippines are held in a weekly basis. There is a vast amount of con-goers for every convention. Some of these events have free admission, while others have ticket rates that are fair and reasonable.


We also have themed conventions: Victorian themed, Christmas themed, school themed, Vocaloid themed, etc. Most recently, there are international guest cosplayers that pay us a visit. Most cosplayers here in Manila knew each other and are connected through social networking sites... so exchanging coscards are not that necessary.

As for Singapore, the cosplayers there were excellent with their make up! This actually caught my attention because with their proper utilisation of make-up, SG cosplayers looked really anime-ish. I found the con-goers & cosplayers to be friendly, courteous and polite too.


And not to forget - I love the stalls and merchandise! I just wished I had more funds back then hahaha! (I was at least, able to buy myself Sasuke's kusanagi). The event itself in SG was grand and prestigious and I was awed by the huge crowd, location and program. Finally, exchanging coscards in SG is being practiced. I definitely want to go back to SG and cosplay again. :)

anibee: Any advice for aspiring cosplayers?

Nikki: Greetings aspiring cosplayers out there! Here are some useful tips for you:

- If you want to cosplay a certain character, do it for yourself. Cosplay a character that will please and give you satisfaction.

- Portray your character well, know your character, do a little research if needed, and give justice to the character.

- Know your budget. This is a must. It's always easy to get carried away and overspend beyond your means, so plan ahead!

- Make up! Tutorials will help you to achieve the anime-ish look that you desire.

- Be polite and courteous to your fellow cosplayers.

- Finally, ENJOY!!! Have fun and welcome new people to the community!

Thank you so much Q for the feature and more power to!!!


Thank *you* Nikki for your time! Check out more of her cosplays at Nikki's Facebook page, as well as her cosplay team, M.A.R.C.H! She also has a special page just for Monster Hunter fans as well!

- Q

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