Cosplay Quickies! #7

Today's Tip: How (and when) to stay in character!

Cosplayers. Cosplayers everywhere - and that's not even including yourself!


In such situations, how does one get that extra bit of attention from the ever-wandering eyes of the photographers? By posing dynamically, awesomely, and staying in character of course!

A cosplayer who is able to really get in character not only wins over the appreciation & respect from other fellow-fans (and sometimes, other cosplayers too!), but it also adds that 'finishing touch' to that costume you've worked so hard on to complete - and makes for epic photographs to cherish and hold!

Here are some easy tips to help you out:

- Pick the right character personality

This might sound like a no-brainer, but it's often something many don't realise until much later, even after they've finished their costume!

Besides finding a character that you can (reasonably) match to a physical level, it's also about finding the right character personality.


One should try picking a character that's different from your own personality for the challenge (and fun), but also still has some sides to his/her personality that you can still relate to. Perhaps you aren't as outspoken as Asuka from Evangelion - but perhaps you can relate to her inner strength?

It's all about the balance!

- Focus on your own 'triggering events'

Let's face the crushing truth - you may probably never ever be the ruler of a kingdom, a psychotic killer school girl, a masked super hero, or perhaps even the member of a 7-man boy band, all chasing the same girl.

But there is one common thing that you do share with these characters, and that's raw emotion! What do we mean by this?


Instead of trying to imagine what Kenshin must've felt like trying to prevent Saito from slicing him to ribbons (which is a pretty uncommon, real life scenario), instead, imagine a relatable, real-life scenario of your own.

If it gets you instantly all angry and worked up - presto! You've found your right 'triggering event', something that helps to instantly bring up the emotion you need for the character you're cosplaying as, wherever and whenever you need it!

- Know when to 'turn it off'!


Most people at a cosplay event would probably know Oberon (Sword Art Online) is a psychotic and perverted maniac and would probably appreciate your efforts for staying in character while posing for photos.

But you wouldn't want to act like that when you need to order food, speak to a convention staff member, or even when approached by little kids. There's such a thing as getting a bit *too* in character, and if not handled carefully, could cause misunderstandings and get you in trouble!


At the end of the day – nothing beats using a little common sense!

- Q