anibee Cosplayer Focus: Ashteyz!

We're BACK with more interviews with awesome cosplayers around the community! For this installment, we get to talk to Ashteyz, a cosplayer who has a knack for the edgy & hip, yet isn't above doing something fun & silly at the same time!

Take it away!


anibee: Hi Ash! Let's start with the basics - please introduce yourself and tell us how you got into cosplaying!

Ashteyz: Hello!! My name is Ashteyz, but friends normally call me Ash for short. I've been in this hobby for around 5 years or so and still going strong at the moment! :D I first got into cosplaying after my friend invited me to attend Cosfest 2006. I found the event to be really fun and enjoyable, and not to mention, the costumes I saw all looked fantastic! Thus, I decided to give it and it all started from there :)!

anibee: From cool guys to sassy gals, you seem to have done just about every kind of character! Do you have a particular character you've yet to cosplay as that you'd like to do?


Ashteyz: Hahaha. Yes I do actually. I have several dream cosplays that I would very much like to complete before I retire from this hobby. >.<

As most of my friends would know, I rarely do female cosplays. But 1 of my dream cosplays would be Signum from Magicial Girl Lyrical Nanoha As, because I find that she has an awesome personality and looks really cool to boot! Besides her, the next 1 would be Lobomon from Digimon Frontier as I have always wanted to try a semi-mecha cosplay just for once. >//<

anibee: Thorough character research vs. Make up & outfit expertise - which one takes more priority for you, or is there no difference?

Ashteyz: For me, I believe all of them play a part for a good cosplay to really come to life. Portrayal of the character and how good you look in the costume both come hand in hand. I guess I would be disappointed if I see a cosplayer cosplaying 1 of my favourite character in a wonderful costume, but lacking on the posing and portrayal part and vice versa.


anibee: You've done quite a few solo cosplays, but also have been part of really large groups. What's the experience like between the two kinds?

Ashteyz: Hmmmm. Personally, I would always prefer to cosplay with a group, as I feel it makes the experience more fun. But there are always pros and cons.

It would be easier to settle stuff in solo cosplays as it's an "own-time, own-target", free & easy process. However, group wise, the process is long and tiring and the amount of work put into coordinating everyone's timings and dates is challenging. But at the end of the day when you see the entire group come together for group photos, it gives you the sense of satisfaction and you just forget about all the pain you went through!

anibee: "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" as the old saying goes. What's your view on this - should a cosplayer try out a character no matter how unsuitable he/she may be for it?

Ashteyz: Well, I feel this is a very subjective topic; different people would have a different mindset about it.


My take on this is that, if they put in a good amount of effort into their cosplay, then I see no real fault in them. People tend to have this habit of criticising cosplay 'mismatches', and I personally face this problem on quite a regular basis.

I like to cosplay guys, and sometimes, they usually are rather toned or buffed up. So for me, I would train to build up the relevant muscles and tone up for the character the best I can. Also, I would like to believe that most people cosplay the characters they really like. Surely they wouldn't want to do a bad job of it and leave themselves dissatisfied, right? :)


anibee: 'Fame' from cosplaying is a highly subjective and sensitive topic. What's your stand on this? Is there really such a thing as a 'celebrity cosplayer', and is it something anyone should strive to achieve to be?

Ashteyz: Fame is something to be expected in any hobby - if you are good at it, you are bound to get a great number of followers or fans. But as long as you know to appreciate your fans and keep humble, I guess there isn't any harm from it. :)

Celebrity cosplayers are in my opinion, cosplayers that are famous. Different people have different opinion about fame itself, so I guess it isn't in my position to say what's 'right' or what's 'wrong'? What I strive to achieve in this hobby is to make more friends and just have fun with everyone else~ ^_^!


Indeed, in the end, Cosplay is about having fun and enjoying the company of others!

Check out more of Ashtey's awesome cosplays at her Deviantart Page!

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