Top 5 Cosplays we're expecting to see in 2013!

With a new year, come a whole new slew of cosplay/anime/game-related events. And with a whole slew of events, what's the one thing one would need?

Why a cosplay of course!

Which is why it's that time of the year again when we (and again, by that I mean ME) take a look and predict the characters we're expecting to see TONS of this 2013!

#5 Characters from 'K'


The character(s) - One of the more recent, hot new releases, K made a huge splash in the anime scene with its edgy character designs that not only caught everyone's eye; but also appealed to all sorts of audiences. In just a matter of months, the number of cosplays of the various characters spawned in throes - and it's not stopped ever since

The reason - From the boyish Yashiro, to the cool Reisi, the badass Mikoto or even the adorable Anna - there's just about any and every kind of character/anime trope/stereotype that'd fit just about any cosplayer. That means variety and thus, ease of cosplaying... and forming a massive group!!

#4 Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)


The character - We've talked about Hatsune Miku and her legion of Vocaloid friends several times already, and for a good reason - she still continues to be popular despite making her debut more than 5 years ago.

The reason - Miku gets a new outfit every other second; whether if it's in the form of an official artwork, a piece of fan art, and especially a new bit of merchandise.


From race queen outfits to magician get-ups and even new year kimonos, if the community keeps cranking them out (and if Good Smile Company keeps making irresistible PVC figures...), you can bet there'd be several people out there who'd continue to rise to the challenge - and cosplay them ALL!

#3 Mirai Suenaga (Danny Choo)


The character - The ‘avatar’/mascot of pop culture enthusiast, Danny Choo. Essentially created to be the 'face' of his site, Mirai soon grew in popularity and thus, became a very viable cosplay choice.

Danny's numerous visits to the region via events like AFA have also helped boost her popularity.

The reason - In many ways, Mirai is very similar to Hatsune Miku - an appealing character design that requires very little in the ways of deep character research (as there's technically no 'character' per se), and possess TONS of outfit variations. What's not to like?

#1 (Tied) Kirito & Asuna (Sword Art Online)


The character(s) - The male & female protagonists of the smash-hit light novel-turned-anime franchise. Set in a world where people are trapped in a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, the tale of Kirito & Asuna struck a chord with many anime fans out there - and the wheels of fate quickly turned in the favour of the show.

The reason - While it might seem like a no-brainer that the reason many people would cosplay characters from a particular anime would be its popularity, let's take one thing into perspective here.

Most anime get their legions of cosplayers after a fairly lengthy period of time. Decades? Years? Perhaps many months?

Sword Art Online cosplayers began to multiply in a matter of weeks after the airing of the first few episodes. So much, that even entire internet meme-pictures can be made from the massive groups of Kirito and Asuna cosplayers - in the same event!

If that's not a reason why we should expect to see even more cosplays of them this year (and a reason to be utterly amazed) - we don't know what is!

- Q