Cosplay Quickies! #6

Today's Tip: Know and understand the different sub-groups!!

Cosplay's a hobby that's all about socialising and communication. So what better way to communicate with others more effectively then to get to know who these other people are, and understanding what they do, right? As the saying goes, "No man is an island" and likewise, few cosplayers have gotten by completely alone without having to work with others.

Here's a simple list of what these sub-groups are that, along with the cosplayers themselves, make any Cosplay Community the dynamic and ever-interesting entity that it is today:

The Photographers


Often colloquially dubbed "Photogs", photographers are usually some of the first non-cosplayer people that every cosplayer interacts with. Without exaggerating, photographers are in many ways, the "back bone" of the cosplay community, short of the cosplayers themselves.

For indeed, short of going to a convention themselves, how is one to enjoy pictures of all the amazing cosplays out there if there isn't anyone to take the pictures in the first place? Photographers often brave lots of harsh weather and adverse conditions to attend events, just to get that 'perfect' shot of that cosplayer that's caught their eye!

Want a nice picture of yourself? Just pose nicely for them - you're bound to reel in a shutter-bug in no time!

The Fans


See a bunch of people who have the ability to spout almost every single line an anime character's ever uttered in the 50 episodes he's been in, scream and go crazy over the sight of a good cosplay and blow hundreds of dollars on related merchandise - yet almost never cosplay themselves despite their rabid love for the hobby? That's usually the sign of a Cosplay fan!

These dedicated individuals are the kinds that proudly label themselves as "otaku" (amongst other quirky things) that, while occasionally picky and fussy in terms of your costume or portrayal's 'accuracy', can also be a cosplayer's absolute pillar of strength and support!

Sharing your pictures, adoring a pose you did randomly, and even helping to act as your Sai Kang Warrior. Some of the most successful cosplayers out there owe a lot to their huge fanbases - and they let them know it!

The Crafters


We talked about Prop Makers & Tailors in the previous installment of Cosplay Quickies, so there's not too much to add on here.

Prop Makers & Tailors, or Crafters as they're sometimes collectively known, are often hard at work behind the metaphorical curtains of the cosplay scene. Sweating for hours, days, weeks, and even months on end, all to ensure that that sword/gun/dress/shirt/collar/hammer/bazooka/waffle bat/giant cat face/penguin/etc gets done properly! Any cosplayer would be wise to make friends with such people - and work together on that dream project!

The Performers


Getting on stage to dance, sing, and otherwise entertain, such is the way of the performer! Many cosplayers often cross-over into this realm, and for a good reason too - an individual who dares to perform often has many more chances of getting valuable exposure!

There are also many performers who don't cosplay too but most performers in the cosplay scene focus on singing anime-related tunes all the same. Sometimes calling themselves utaite (we spoke about them previously!), and even forming entire singing groups, these talented folks do their part by helping to increase the popularity of an anime series by performing one of its related songs.

Whether if it's the sweet gal who serenades thousands with her soft vocals, or the hard rocker that has the lungs to move mountains, performers always give it their all for the anime they love - so why not support them!

- Q

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