Confessions of a Sai Kang Warrior!!

We recently ran our Sai Kang Warrior contest, to let you, our dear readers, elect and vote for that one special friend of yours that's gone the extra mile to help you out in your cosplaying career time and time again!

We got to speak to our winners, Shane and Richard - both avid cosplay photographers, and ever-helpful!


anibee: Congratulations! How do you feel about your win? Were you aware that your friend had submitted your name (and picture!)?

Shane: I'm very honored that my friends have decided to nominate me. I wasn't particularly aware they had submitted my name and photo for such a thing until the two winners were announced.

Richard: Haha nope, I definitely wasn't aware of this! It quite literally came out of the blue for me and thus, was quite a surprise!

anibee: What do you feel 'makes' a Sai Kang Warrior?

Shane: There are many things that make the perfect Sai Kang Warrior, however no one is perfect so it's always nice to have basics covered. The desire to be helpful is always welcomed - there's nothing worse than someone who distracts and generally wastes everyone's time although that doesn't mean you can't have fun and enjoy yourself.

A keen eye allows one to see what the photographer is trying to achieve as well as noticing minor problems like stray hairs or anything that can potentially ruin a photo. This would make the photographer's life easier. Don't forget that the cosplayer may also require assistance whether it be helping them pick up a weapon (as their outfit might restrict their movement) or walking to a certain spot as they might have trouble walking.

Finally, being friendly goes a long way as no one likes a grumpy assistant. There are plenty of other qualities out there that can contribute to a better Sai Kang Warrior however I believe that these are some of the basic ones to follow.

Richard: Patience. LOTS of it!

anibee: What first motivated you to help your friend out as a SKW?

Shane: I was first motivated to help out a friend as I had a strong desire to help out a friend in need. I also had started to take an interest into photography back then and at the same time it allowed me to help contribute to something amazing.

Richard: Being that the cosplayer in question is my girlfriend, it was more of a man's duty than anything else, haha!

anibee: Where do you see yourself in the near future of your 'SKW career'?

Shane: As long as my friends keep shooting I will always offer my helping hand if they need me.

Richard: Hmm, I guess it will last for as long as [my girlfriend] wants to cosplay (which is bound to be a LONG time). I'm more like an "all-rounded" SKW - from the start to shoot to closing and even post production haha. It's hard work, but someone's got to do it!

anibee: Give a few words of encouragement to your fellow SKWs!

Shane: Remember to be helpful and don't forget to have fun!

Richard: Whatever you do, don't get suckered into anything you're not entirely sure or comfortable about. Once you do, stick with it until the very end and give it your all. After that - maybe demand some reward! HAHA!

Truly a fine pair of helpful gentlemen!! We would like to thank everyone that participated in the contest! Let's keep on showing our appreciation for our ever-faithful Sai Kang Warriors!

- Q