anibee Features: Eki Holic!

I got invited to attend the Garena Carnival by the good folks there just recently and was treated to a plethora of awesome activities there. League of Legends tournaments, carnival games, and even a hot dog eating contest!

But what was perhaps the highlight was getting to interview the special guest of the event; the Korean cosplaying sensation herself - Eki Holic!

anibee: Hi Eki, I believe this isn't your first time here? So welcome back to Singapore!

Eki Holic: (through an interpreter) Thank you! Yes, this is my second time here!


anibee: What is it about Singapore that keeps you coming back? Surely it must be kind of warm for you? Haha

Eki Holic: It is very warm yes, but that's exactly why I keep coming back! Singapore already has such wonderful people and delicious food, but the weather makes it even more perfect. I don't need my troublesome jackets here - I can go with Summer Wear all year long~!

anibee: It's obvious that you are as much of an avid gamer as you are an enthusiastic cosplayer! How do you choose a character to cosplay as?

Eki Holic: Yes! I always make sure I genuinely like and care for a game first before picking a character to cosplay as, so I can properly understand the mythos of the world. As for picking a specific character, I guess I always tend to deviate towards the really pretty looking girls - but it would be fun to try a hulking robot one day, haha!

anibee: Being as popular a cosplayer as you are, it's natural that you get invited for numerous big events. There are however, some people who do not like cosplay getting 'commercialised' like this. What do you think?

Eki Holic: I do understand why some people think this way and to an extent, I too agree. I go for events because I very much enjoy visiting other countries, meeting other fellow cosplayers and fans from abroad, and interacting with people in general. Going for events as a guest is one of the best ways to help me reach out to people in the most effective way in that sense. Things like money and payment are far from my priorities at all - it's all about doing it for the enjoyment!


anibee: What's your dream cosplay project?

Eki Holic: I always want to meet more and more fellow overseas cosplayers! I enjoy every event I get invited to, so please invite me back more often haha! I also want to get into doing more performances as well. It's a great way to get more involved in the hobby, and for expressing myself too.

anibee: What advice do you have for young cosplayers who want to achieve what you have?

Eki Holic: Wow, that's something I've never thought of as I consider myself to be relatively young to this hobby too!

I guess the main important thing to always remember is to do anything; whether cosplay or something else; because you love to do it. If you keep this one reason to mind, you will definitely succeed!

Special thanks to Garena Singapore for the invite, and to Eki Holic for her time! Check out more of Eki Holic's awesome cosplays at her deviantart page!

- Transcribed and edited by Q