Serene's Cosplay Escapades - Preparing a Cosplay!


Preparing for a cosplay event is actually not as easy as it looks - cosplayers should all know that, haha! It's even worse if you're strapped for time because you started late on your costume. =w=

Tip: Start on your costumes as early as possible!

Why? Let me tell you my story of my preparation of my costumes for AFA 2012...

For AFA 2012, I was supposed to cosplay with Yivon. Due to my procrastination and schedule, I started on my costume one week before AFA arrived, which meant it was pretty rushed. Thank goodness I had my partner's help!

Before I went over to Yivon's place to get her assistance for my costumes, I went down to Ghim Joo textiles at Arab street to choose cloth for my Mirai Suenaga Summer uniform (Yivon already had Liz Thompson's cloth materials). I looked and asked around for a while before finally deciding on a uniform material (the ones that they normal use for our school uniforms in Singapore!). It cost me $5 per metre, but it's really worth it. It feels good when worn, and looked great once the costume was completed too!

Tip: The kind of material you choose for your costume will contribute to the final look that your costume will have. :) If your wallet allows, choose a material that you feel will best bring out the costume's accuracy.

Yivon assisted me with making the costume because she's more adept at sewing as compared to myself. I'm still trying my best to learn as much as I can though!

Tip: The best time to learn is when there are people helping you out with your costume! Just observe what they do and learn whatever you can from them. :)

The skirt's completed!!

Since Yivon was going to be doing most of the costume-making, I made sure I did sufficient research on the costume so as to not miss out any details. During the process of the costume-making, I helped to iron the cloth before she sewed it down, and also QC-ed and gave suggestions to make it look as accurate as possible (since I knew more about the details of my costume).

Tip: If you're sewing your own costume, ironing down the cloth before you sew is a very important process! Heck, ironing is really, really important as a whole. It'll make your costume look much nicer as compared to a costume that's not properly ironed when sewing.

And the mirai costume is DONE! :D


With her help, I managed to complete both my costumes. :D All credit goes to her!

Once all our costumes were done, I had to start on the Thompson sisters' (from Soul Eater) cowboy hats. That was a pretty frustrating hat-making process for me. Technically, the hats weren't very difficult to make.

But because I started really late on the hats (like two days before AFA), and for some reason most art shops were against me (lots of art stores ran out of the felt that I needed the most, gah!), the hats were completed on the day of AFA itself.

The almost-done hat. =_=

If that wasn't enough, before we could complete it, I had to rush down to Dhoby Ghaut to buy felt because I couldn't get it elsewhere...


This is why, my fellow cosplayer friends, I say START EARLY. I've learnt my lesson the hard way. Man... It was a horribly stressful preparation period for the event. But at the end of the day, I managed to make it for the event - and had a great time :D!

- Serene