anibee Cosplayer Focus: Megumi!

anibee Megumi

From runner-up in our Cosplay Competition back at ICDS, to taking part in the anibee Ambassador Contest and now one of our J-Addicts, Megumi should be a familiar sight by now!

Wanting to know more about her, we decided to ask her about her cosplaying career and what she likes about it. Take it away, Megumi!

anibee Megumi

anibee: Welcome, Megumi! Let's start with how long you've been cosplaying, and how you first started.

Megumi: Hi everyone~ (^ ^)/

I have been cosplaying for close to two years now. It all started with my friend introducing me to the hobby in late 2009, but I did not start untill two years later with a small group of friends who were just as curious as I was. The rest is history!

anibee: What kinds of characters do you generally like cosplaying as? Does the popularity of a character/series matter to you, or do you just do what you personally like?

Megumi: Hmmm... I don't usually have a fixed range of characters that I like cosplaying as, because I love to try out a variety of different characters and their personalities. As long as I love the series/character, popular or not, I would do my best to study up and understand the character and perhaps if time (and money) persists, I would definitely cosplay the character! It is just a matter of when I will cosplay the character really, ahahahah!~

anibee Megumi

anibee: Do you feel that only people who are dedicated fans, or have at least done in-depth research of a series, should ever cosplay a certain character? Or do you feel that just about anyone has the right to do whomever they want?

Megumi: I believe a little research, even if you're already a dedicated fan of the series, goes a long way when it comes to cosplaying a certain character. It helps not only in terms of understanding and fitting into the very skin of the character, but also in poses and expressions when posing for the camera.

Ultimately it is up to the individual whether they wish to cosplay a certain character as they know themselves best and which character they best fit!

anibee: What does cosplay mean to you?

Megumi: To me, cosplaying is a form of art involving a variety of different skills and talents. It is somewhat like theater I guess, except most of the time the costume designer, make-up artist, etc. is one and the same person, which is pretty impressive when you think about it~!

Cosplay is also an outlet of expression to me. It allows me to be in the skin of a fictional character for a day or two (depending on the length of time for events) and living out a fraction of their lives that our normal selves would probably never be able to experience.

anibee Megumi

anibee: What has been the most challenging cosplay for you so far? What's your dream cosplay?

Megumi: I would say that all of the characters that I have done so far have been a challenge to me in some way or another. If I had to pick one, I would say it's Aphrodite from Lord of Vermillion.

To me, it was a daunting task in terms of props and costume as I have never done such a complicated character in the year(s) that I have cosplayed. With a little help from friends and family, not to mention quite a fair bit of trial and error, it was finally finished~ (Yay!!)

Hmmm... my dream cosplay..? For now I don't have any exact character in mind, but I would like to challenge myself to find a character that would involve prop making, make-up, and costume making at the same time someday!

anibee Megumi

anibee: Picture this: Someone asks you why they should embark on cosplay as a hobby. What reasons would you give?

Megumi: To honestly start it off, the person should have some form of curiosity to try out cosplay. But be warned that cosplay is not exactly a cheap hobby to start with, so one has to plan their finances carefully!

Other than that, just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey that cosplaying will take the person to. Whether it is meeting new friends, learning how to put on make-up or even making one's own costumes, it is a journey that is unforgettable - and addictive!

Enthusiastic, hardworking, and bursting with potential! We're looking forward to seeing more from her in the near future, that's for sure!

Check out more of Megumi's awesome cosplays RIGHT HERE! You can also head on down to her Facebook page!

- Q