Cosplay Quickies! #2

Today's Tip: Don't wait - HYDRATE!

With weather as blazingly hot as Singapore's, drinking water when doing any form of strenuous activity might seem like a no-brainer to most people. What's not as obvious however is just how important proper hydration is for a cosplayer, for many more subtle reasons.

Staying hydrated is important for maintaining your energy level and overall vigour in your posing.

Staying hydrated is not only important for important stuff like staying alive, but also for maintaining alertness, clarity of perception, and just one's overall energy level. The longer you go without a drink (and a bite to eat too), the more likely it will show on your face or body language, often resulting in the cosplayer putting up a wearier, tired, and otherwise compromised "performance". This sometimes happens without the cosplayer him/herself realising it!

With regards to the choice of drink, most kinds that quench your thirst to some degree would do you well. Water is the obvious choice in almost any situation. However, drinks like sodas, as well as iced-coffees/teas can sometimes be more optimal, providing that extra sugar & caffeine kick to perk you back up instantly, which is important for helping you pose more energetically and generally staying in-character.

Be careful with the sugar and caffeinated drinks though, as taking them in excess sometimes leads to dehydration, a "crash" when the caffeine wears off, and in the case of coffee, a laxative effect - which can be rather inconvenient, needless to say!

- Q