anibee's Shooting Location Look Out!: Eigamura - The 'Movie Village'!


When it comes to photoshoots, video shoots, music shoots or ANY kind of shoot for that matter, it always boils down to 3 main things: Location, Location, Location! (Okay, that's just 1)

One location that's always been a huge favourite for all sorts of shows and shoots, lies in the heart of Kyoto itself - the Toei Uzumasa Eigamura studio, otherwise known as the 'Movie Village'!

Located in Uzumasa, near the location of Koryu-ji, an age-old temple in Kyoto, the Eigamura is known as one of the centers of Japan's Television & Film Industry, having operated for decades. This is for a good reason too - the whole theme park is a near picture-perfect recreation of an Edo-period town!

The instant you step in, you're bound to be taken aback at the sheer authenticity of the town. From patrolling Samurai standing sternly and proudly, to wandering Geisha, all demure and poignant. With authentically recreated houses, a replica of the old Nihonbashi Bridge, the Eigamura is sheer bliss for any history buff or fans of old-school Kurosawa-esque Samurai films!



Stage shows, a ghost house, and if you're lucky, you can even catch a live filming right here at the park! If you want the ultimate personalised activity however, you can even get your photo taken at the studio dressed as a Samurai, Ninja, or even a Geisha (for the girls, mind you) - and wander the park as your own Edo-period hero!!

But there's another reason why this park will have an awesome appeal to more contemporary fans. The Eigamura is also a favourite location for shooting many scenes of the Kamen Rider series!

From the old Showa-period shows, to even more recent installments such as Masked Rider Den-O and Kamen Rider W, the Eigamura has been the definitive location for any story arc that happens to feature some sort of time travel back to the Edo period! With walls and walls of Kamen Rider memorabilia strewn all over the entrance halls of the park, the Eigamura has also become a bit of a 'pilgrimage' location for Kamen Rider fans!

Authenticity awesomeness blended with movie-related goodness, with a dash of imagination - the Eigamura is definitely a shooting location favourite for a good reason! Chances are, it's going to stay that way too!

- Q