Favourite Cosplayer Poses - Pairs Edition!

Posing's not just part and parcel of cosplaying, but one of the most important elements of it! We've done the guys, we've done the girls too... but what happens when you've managed to find that special someone who loves the same series you do and EVEN a complementary character? That's when you've officially become a cosplaying PAIR - and for that, you'd need a whole array of different poses to do!

We're here to save the day once again, with a list of some of the most reliable cosplay poses you can do as a pair!

#5 - "I'm-not-talking-to-you-anymore"

cosplay pose

How to do it - Stand diagonally-opposite to your partner and make sure that you both partially cover each other. Then, face opposite directions, striking your preferred poses! For that extra bit of sassiness, try having one of you look behind your shoulder over at the other person!

Why it works - From bitter rivals to star-crossed lovers, nothing's more camera-friendly than seeing 2-related characters acting like they don't give 2 hoots about each other. Plus, if you decide to make use of the optional step of looking over at your partner, it adds that little hint of "Maybe they DO care about each other!", and that's totally tsundere.

Works best for - Bitter rivals such as Kyo & Iori (King of Fighters), on-and-off rivals like Goku & Vegeta (Dragonball Z) and rivals in general.

#4 - "The Double-Head butt"

cosplay pose

How to do it - Face each other and tilt your heads forward, either keeping a small distance apart, or literally touching foreheads. Doing this at a slow, gradual speed is recommended.

Why it works - "What are they going to do?! Fight? Talk? Grin?... Kiss?!!" and other such questions are what will be running through the minds of your adoring viewing audience should you and your cosplay partner pull this classic & versatile pose of right! Get noggin' knocking!

Works best for - Rivals-yet-friends-types. E.g. Naruto & Sasuke (Naruto), couples.

#3 - "The Bro-Fist"

cosplay pose

How to do it – Have both you and your partner face in any direction, raise your arms, and bump each other's fists/elbows/knuckles/shoulders/etc. Do it with epicness and conviction - but not too hard now!

Why it works - Friendship. Bonds. Values. Camaraderie. All these things exude in huge waves from the cosplay pair that pulls off this pose successfully, cementing the very reason why we as a species, have been able to come this far. Also, it's easy to do and not physically demanding.

Works best for - Best-buddies, teammates or even siblings. E.g. Kotetsu & Barnaby (Tiger & Bunny), the Elric brothers (Full Metal Alchemist).

#2 - "The Face-Off"

cosplay pose

How to do it - Have you and your cosplay partner face each other. Then strike your most dynamic of action poses, with appropriate grimacing expressions on your faces. Lots of loud screaming & yelling is optional, but extremely encouraged.

Why it works - Let's face it - no matter who you are or where you're from, almost everyone likes seeing chaos (albeit, controlled, fictional chaos)! If people start running and taking cover while you and your partner are pulling this classic pose off - you're doing it RIGHT!

Works best for - Long-time, age-old rivals/opponents e.g. Ryu & Ken (Street Fighter)

#1 - "The NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo..." aka "The Dramatic Carry"

cosplay pose

How to do it - With one of you lying limp, have the other cosplayer carry the idle person in both arms, with a (preferably) DRAMATIC look on the face. If you're feeling particularly strong today, do it standing up.

Why it works - Perhaps one of the most classic of poses ever, whether in cosplay, or fiction in general. Nothing screams drama, sadness, tragedy, and strong arm muscles louder than this! Although usually with a boy/girl set up, there are some who feel that this pose works better with same-gender combinations, particularly boy/boy. Hmm...

Works best for - Couples, especially ill-fated, or otherwise turbulent ones. E.g. Kirito & Asuna (Sword Art Online)

- Q