An Ode to the Sai Kang Warrior!

Whether you're attending a local event, having a few pictures snapped of yourself, or even planning an epic-scaled photo shoot, one thing stays the same - you need loads of spare hands to help you out.

Enter the ultimate Taker of Tasks, the Pursuer of Problems, and the Hoarder of Hardships - the Sai Kang Warrior (SKW)!

What is a Sai Kang Warrior?

Sai Kang Warrior

The real question is; what ISN'T a Sai Kang Warrior?! Meaning "Dirty Work warriors" in Hokkien, they are great in numbers, but often hidden even in plain sight. That quiet friend of yours who appears to be simply minding your bag while you strut your cosplaying stuff, could very well be an SKW in disguise!

Here is but a mere summary of what SKWs do:

  • Carry bags, often multiples, for several cosplayers at a time
  • Provide and/or search for refreshments e.g. water, snacks, particularly for cosplayers in physically taxing outfits
  • Hold up lights/reflectors/stands/other miscellaneous piece of equipments to ensure the photographer gets that perfect shot of your costume
  • Shielding you from prying and stray eyes that compromise your dignity in that especially revealing outfit
  • Offering a mode of transport, especially if they drive

The next time you ask for help with your next cosplay, remember to show your appreciation to these understated heroes. For without the humble SKW, the lives of many cosplayers would surely be in peril!!

- Q