anibee X Majolica Kagamine Rin Vocaloid Makeover: Shereen

Majolica makeover anibee

We at anibee recently collaborated with Majolica on a little special something - a makeover to become the Vocaloid Kagamine Rin! We received an overwhelming response from all of you, and after much consideration, anibee selected Shereen as the lucky winner for the makeover! Check out the process of the makeover (special thanks to Louis, the make-up artist) and also how Shereen felt about the makeover.

Majolica makeover anibee
Lovely but very nervous Shereen before makeover

Want to know more about Shereen? Read the little Q&A anibee did with her.

Majolica makeover anibee
One step closer to Shereen's transformation! Doesn't the eye make-up look great?

Have you ever cosplayed before?

Nope! This is my very first time cosplaying!

Majolica makeover anibee
Make up artist applying the finishing touches to the lips

What made you decide to join the "Kagamine Rin Vocaloid Makeover" and is this your first time participating in such a contest?

Yes, it was my very first time participating in such a contest.

I actually entered this contest by pure chance. It was on the 30th July, 11pm, when (second last day for submitting the entry) I was surfing on Facebook and stumbled across an article by anibee that was shared on Cutepop's Facebook page.

Majolica makeover anibee
Make up complete! Now let's move on to the costume!

At the time, the header got my utmost attention because of the word 'Kagamine Rin' and 'makeover' written on it. As you can see I have zero cosplaying experience and I have no idea where to start, how to wear a wig, how to put on make up and most importantly, how to pose in front of the camera. Yes, I am very camera shy. After reading more about the article, somehow it just started making sense to me, as if the article was speaking out to me and people who are like me. I mean every line in the description just described my situation and everything sounded too good to be true. There was a voice screaming inside of me telling me to go join it and not to pass up on this truly amazing and spontaneous opportunity!

Majolica makeover anibee
We're almost ready for the photoshoot after putting the wig and bow on!

Hence without further ado, I joined. I was really nervous to be honest about just sending in my entry. At the same time calming down and thinking to myself "why not just go & have some fun? You know just have some fun because you'll never really know what to expect in life and it's not like you'll be that one lucky winner anyway." *laughs*

Majolica makeover anibee

How did you feel during the entire makeover?

I was totally perplexed, it felt like a dream come true. I felt tears of joy in my eyes and it was so bad till I was completely utterly speechless throughout the whole entire makeover process.

Which part of the makeover would you say you're the most satisfied with?

It probably has to do with putting on the wig part, and the photo-taking. Both are totally glorious moments that made me truly happy. Make-up was about roughly two hours.. Can't believe I sat there for two hours but it was so worth it!! (:

Majolica makeover anibee

Are there any characters you wish to cosplay as in the future?

Yeah! Serah Farron from Final Fantasy 13 ^^

Stay tuned for future makeover contests and you could be as lucky as Shereen! Meanwhile you can check out the rest of the makeover photoshoot at

Majolica makeover anibee

- Chermont