Favourite Cosplayer Poses - Male Edition!

The last time, we talked about some handy poses female cosplayers can rely on in a pinch when the camera's aiming and ready to fire. But let's be fair here - guys have the same problem just as often as well!

Thankfully, we here at anibee are all about equality, so we've compiled yet another short list of some of the poses you can always rely on in an instant for the male cosplayer!

#5 - "The Brooder"


How to do it - Find a nice place to sit down on (or if not available, a good spot to stand), and then just brood about anything - your life's problems, your traitorous friend, or whether you left the sink on. Propping your chin up with one or both hands is optional, as is crossing your arms.

Why it works - It's a pose that requires almost zero physical effort, and you can pretty much hold this pose for hours if need be (let's hope not though). Also, chicks totally dig broody guys.

Works best for - Brooding-type characters (obviously) E.g. Sasuke (Naruto), Gendo Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and many, many more.

#4 - "There-'s-Something-On-My-Face"


How to do it - Bring one arm close to your body, placing your hand partially over your face with your fingers spread out in a loose, random pattern. Cross your other arm underneath the primary arm.

Why it works - Whether you want to look vogue-like, sensual, mysterious or simply psychotic, this pose has it all! It's easy to do and due to its nature, it allows for a lot of room for improvisation. Just don't use both hands as that would cover your entire face and defeat the purpose of it...

Works best for - Eccentric, powerful, yet somewhat flamboyant-type characters E.g. Lelouch (Code Geass), Rau Le Creuset (Gundam Seed)

#3 - "The Punch"


How to do it - Pull one arm back with your hand clenched into a fist, while bringing your other arm out in front of you with the other hand spread open.

Why it works - Let's face it; many male characters in cosplay aren't about sitting around having tea & cupcakes; they're about FIGHTING! Nothing screams "Hey, I can totally fight" more than the simple punching pose. Unless if your character only kicks (like One Piece'Â’s Sanji), you can never go wrong with this!

Works best for - Fighting-type characters of course. E.g. most fighting game characters, Kamen Riders.

#2 - "I-Have-Fingers!"


How to do it - While standing in an upright position, thrust one arm outwards, with your hand spread wide open.

Why it works - This pose is great if you want to exude a commanding personality, or to add a bit more presence to yourself while posing for a picture. Also, it's a great way to pat people on the head!

Works best for - Protagonists of 'epic battle' shows E.g. Athrun Zala (Gundam Seed)

#1 - "The Looming Pole"


How to do it - Face a general direction away from your photographer or audience, place your arms loosely by your side and hang your head slightly downwards and remain standing there. The effectiveness of this pose is multiplied if you have a weapon in hand.

Why it works - "Speak softly and carry a big gun" as the old saying goes, and few poses show off your humongous weapon better and more easily than this classic pose! Plus, if you are a tall person, you can provide some much-needed shade from the sun for the shorter people out there (and a little good karma goes a long way)!

Works best for - Just about any protagonist or villain that has plenty of quiet, stoic moments, and that wields a weapon. E.g. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)

- Q