The Top 5 Most Popular Locations for Cosplay Photoshoots in Singapore

The Top 5 Most Popular Locations for Cosplay Photoshoots in Singapore

With the rise of cosplay culture in Singapore, cosplay-themed photoshoots are fast growing in popularity amongst many cosplayers who want to don their beautiful costumes and props and be photographed in a proper outdoor setting, and not in some crowded, dark and cramped event location.

But in land-scarce Singapore, there are no majestic sweeping mountains, endless horizons or authentic-looking huge castles sitting on top of towering cliffs to serve as perfect natural backdrops for cosplay photoshoots. Short of travelling overseas, most cosplayers and photographers here have to make do with what is available to them locally. So here's a quick look at five of the most popular (some might say overused!) photoshoot locations in Singapore!

5. Old Supreme Court Building

Trinity Blood Queen Esther

One of the most famous historical landmarks of colonial Singapore, its main draw is its classical architecture, including its magnificent Travertine colonnades, and it is probably the only building in Singapore to boast of such architecture. It has served as an inspiring backdrop for many cosplay photoshoots, for series like Trinity Blood and Code Geass. However, it is now under renovation (and thus out of bounds to all). It is slated to be converted into a National Art Gallery by 2012.

Overall popularity rating: ***

4. Marina Bayfront/Helix Bridge

Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome

The Helix Bridge is a metal and glass pedestrian walkway spanning Marina Bay and connects to the Marina Bay Sands casino and hotel. The main draw of the Helix Bridge is its unique architecture and glittering fairy lights which are lit up at nightfall. The nearby Marina Bayfront, which opened in 2010, boasts a commanding view of SingaporeÂ’'s business district skyline. This spot is especially popular with cosplayers cosplaying characters from sci-fi series such as Macross Frontier and Gundam 00.

Overall popularity rating: ***1/2

3. Chinese/Japanese Gardens

Bride of the Water God Still by Astellecia

Located in the Jurong area in the Western part of Singapore, this is one of the most popular photoshoot spots for cosplayers, since it has numerous backdrops and building/structures modelled to resemble Japan/China from ancient times. This makes it the best choice spot for people cosplaying characters from shows or games which are set in historical periods.

Overall popularity rating: ***1/2

2. Singapore Botanical Gardens


The sprawling greenery, neat manicured lawns and majestic trees of the Gardens make it ideal for almost any outdoor-styled photoshoots which require natural surroundings. The beautiful white bandstand located in the main clearing is a popular and versatile backdrop that fits any photoshoot!

Overall popularity rating: ****

And my personal pick for top location for cosplay photoshoots... *cue drumroll*

1. Fort Canning Park

LOSTCANVAS Cruel Gentle by XiaoBai

It is kind of hard to explain why so many cosplayers love this place, no doubt its central location in the heart of the city and easy accessibility make it a top choice amongst many. You can choose to shoot indoors or outdoors, and it is a nice peaceful place with plentiful options, all within a short walking distance. Among its draws are a 19th century gothic gateway, with giant iron-wrought gates and tombstones (suitable for gothic-styled shoots)

Overall popularity rating: *****

These are but a few of the most popular spots for a cosplay photoshoot! I hope this article has helped you decide on where to go the next time you intend to conduct a shoot - or perhaps even where to avoid!

- Garion

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