Favourite Cosplayer Poses - Female Edition!

So you're an avid cosplayer, right? You spend long hours watching anime, reading manga, doing research, drafting your costume, all so that you can do that perfect cosplay of the perfect character.

But wait - something's missing! That's right; you also need to be able to do the proper poses for your character!

What's that you say? You've forgotten them (or have run out of options)? Never fear, brave cosplayer! Here's a list of some of the most common poses that fit almost any situation for the right character!

#5 - "The Salute"


How to do it - Place one arm up to face level and strike a cutesy pose with your hand. The other arm should ideally be grasping a related accessory like a microphone.

Why it works - It's easy to do and almost entirely devoid of physical exertion. Plus, it can look really cute if done right.

Works best for - Younger, 'loli' type characters/songstresses & mascots. E.g. Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier

#4 - "The Double High-Five"


How to do it - While standing, sitting or lying down, stretch both arms outwards in the same direction with both palms wide open.

Why it works - It totally helps to make any character look warmer, artsy, free-spirited, and otherwise more welcoming. You might actually get a high-five too!

Works best for - Just about any female lead from a romantic anime. E.g. Any character in Love Hina

#3 - "The Opera Singer"


How to do it - Stretch both arms outwards, a little to the side, with your head looking in the same direction. Keep both arms just a little limp so that they're not too straight and rigid.

Why it works - It looks really elegant & graceful, like an angel singing a lovely tune. Also, you'd be the first to know when it starts to rain.

Works best for - Mature songstress/female lead-type characters E.g. Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier

#2 - "The Headphone"


How to do it - Clasp on hand over its corresponding ear and stick your other arm out in a pose. Also works with your hands clasping both ears.

Why it works -– This works almost exclusively for characters that wear headphones, giving you that awesome musician/DJ look. Also helps when someone next to you is screaming way too loud.

Works best for - Vocaloids E.g. Hatsune Miku

#1 - "The Headache"


How to do it - When lying down, place one hand diagonally on top your forehead, with the other arm in a similar fashion next to it.

Why it works - With the right angle, lighting and photographer, this pose looks AWESOME in pictures, evoking all the qualities any female character wants - elegance, stage presence, and free from headaches.

Works best for - Mature songstress/female lead-type characters E.g. Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier

- Q