The Cosplayer's Survival Kit!

Got a cosplay event coming up soon? Got your costume, props and make up all ready and good to go?

Hang on just a second there, hot shot - you're going to need much more than that if you want to survive a big event, especially in this weather! Here are a few things every cosplayer should generally have with them:


Whether you're dressing as a fully armoured knight, or a skimpy diva, one thing doesn't change - the sun's going to beat down on you constantly. Between either cooking your armour or baking your skin, it's going to dehydrate you fast, so it's always good to have instant access to water (or any similar form of liquid). If you can't carry a bottle with you for some reason, make sure you know where to get it.

Your wallet

Image source: Think Geek

Again, this is something that might sound like common sense to many people, but is often forgotten. You'd never know what would happen at an event - you spot a nice piece of merchandise, you desperately need a bite to eat or a drink of water, and sometimes you simply need to pay for your entry and you're all alone. Never leave home without your money!


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You might very well have fortified your costume and props with the strength of 20 men. But the one inescapable fact still remains - anything that can go wrong, often does! Bringing along a tube of your most favoured adhesive would not only help you out when something starts falling off, you can help your friends in need too! When it comes to cosplay, a little good karma goes a long way!

A mirror

Image source: SBC

Oh snap, something brushed against your face! Is your make up running? Why's your eye hurting so much? Did your headdress slip again? All these questions, and more, can be answered and dealt with immediately by simply having a handy-dandy mirror in hand!

A friend

Sometimes your costume's just so awesome, there's no room to carry anything else. When that happens, nothing works better than simply having someone to follow you around. An extra pair of hands to help you with your helmet, a living ATM to help pay for stuff, a hands-free water dispenser, and even a bodyguard against prying eyes (important for the ladies!). Just remember to do something nice for your helpful friend later - we hear they quite like hugs and free meals!

- Q