anibee speaks to - JAF ll Cosplay Competition Winner, Xen!

Photo credits to Xen

Easily one of the main events at JAF II, the Cosplay Competition had an excellent turn out with almost a dozen different cosplayers decked out in their best outfits!

Photo credits to Xen

Despite the tough competition, Xen prevailed in his awesome Berserker (from Fate/Zero) costume! We got to sit him down for a casual little chat:

anibee: Congratulations, Xen! Tell us a bit more about yourself, your current costume/prop making and your past projects!

Xen: Thank you! I have been cosplaying for about 2 years. I started cosplaying after being introduced to the hobby by my sister, with my first event being at Cosfest 2010. I have cosplayed a variety of characters, mostly from Eastern properties. Some of my favourite cosplays are Hibari from Kateikyoshi Hitman Reborn, Assassin from Ragnarok Online and of course, Berserker from Fate/Zero. I enjoy making props as well.

You can view my past costumes here and my props here
I am currently working on Volibear from League of Legends.

Photo credits to Xen

anibee: What motivated you to join this competition?

Xen: I joined this competition because I wanted to perform on stage in order to gain more experience. This competition was my 3rd time performing on stage. My first being at the Cosplay Chess event last year at Haru House's Anniversary Party, and my 2nd time was at Bukit Batok CC's Cosplay Competition. I wish to gain more experience so I can deliver better performances in future!

How long did you take to prepare for this competition?

I took 2 weeks to prepare for this competition.

Photo credits to Xen

anibee: Is there a 'dream character' that you wish to cosplay?

Xen: I wish to be able to make the Macross Vf-25 Valkyrie with the ability to transform from Battroid mode to Gerwalk, and hopefully Valkyrie mode

Photo credits to Xen

anibee: Finish this sentence, "The best part of being a cosplayer is..."?

Xen: The experience you get!

Photo credits to Xen