anibee's meet up with the Top 5 shortlisted ambassadors!

The top 5 finalists for anibee's ambassador hunt have finally emerged. Want to know more about them?

We managed to meet up and had a little coffee session with our finalists, Anthony, Yukina (Jazy), Kurumi (Kristy) & Mika.

Sadly one of the finalists, Dion, has decided to give up her chance in the final round. Nonetheless it's been great having her spontaneous participation in our ambassador hunt.

Want to find out more about our finalists? Here you go.

Snippets of Anthony

This 22-year-old is the "rose among the thorn", the only male who made it into the finals.

So what's so special about this "rose"?

It's not difficult to remember Anthony after anyone meets him. This charismatic 22-year-old student is so sociable, we bet he can easily strike up a conversation with just anyone.

Having grown up with anime since young, his passion for anime and manga never died off. He even joined the anime and gaming club in his school.

Although not a cosplayer yet, Anthony would love to try cosplaying at least once, after being inspired from the many Cosplay events he's attended.

So what does this charismatic chap enjoy doing when he's not watching anime or reading manga?

He loves gaming too! Any kind of games if you ask him, from arcade games to console games to online games to Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO) etc.

Wow what an avid gamer we've met.

Snippets of Yukina (Jazy)

A sweet 15 year old who loves reading manga. Yukina (Jazy) was exposed to her very first manga, Ouran High School Host Club at 13 and fell in love with manga reading ever since.

She enjoys reading both English and Chinese manga and even made an effort to translate some of the Chinese manga on her blog.

She started her first Cosplay stint in STGCC 2011 whereby a friend got her to Cosplay together for Vampire Knight as Yuki Cross.

So what are the challenges she face when she get into Cosplay?

Getting a partner to Cosplay together can be really difficult, that's one. And the lack of knowledge on how to apply make-up can be another challenge.

Do not judge a book by its cover! Although she look sweet & meek, Yukina (Jazy) actually tried walking down Orchard road in her Miku Costume (default) for the fun of it.

You can imagine the amount of attention and numerous numbers of stares she gets. This is indeed a courageous young lady!

Snippets of Kurumi (Kristy)

This friendly 19 year old loves cosplaying and started cosplaying 4 years ago.

Also an anime-lover, she chanced upon a shop selling Cosplay costumes one fine day and that aroused her curiosity on this hobby.

Kurumi (Kristy) is also an avid blogger whose blog attracts a huge number of loyal readers.

Her passion for blogging came from her habit of writing diary since young. Gosh, when was the last time we hear of someone writing a diary? Blogging or even facebook-ing has successfully replaced the traditional diary writing.

So what are the challenges Kurumi (Kristy) faces along the way?

Due to sizes limitation, it can be quite a challenge to find a suitable costume for herself. The good thing is she's learnt to sew her own costume. The costume you see in the above image was all sewn by Kurumi (Kristy) and that includes the gloves etc.

Totally impressive we must say.

Snippets of Mika

This cute, bubbly 16 year old is absolutely adorable. Not only does she look adorable, Mika can sing and dance as well. In fact she took part in various singing competitions with Japanese songs and is even a shortlisted candidate for TGX 2011's Cos X.

Mika also took part in Cosplay Chess 2011 as Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier.

So what has inspired Mika to start cosplaying?

Mika was exposed to cosplaying during a comic convention she attended and her interest grew from there. She tried to research more about this hobby online and got her first Miku costume online.

So what does Mika likes about cosplaying?

She loves the freedom of cosplaying in a way she can choose to be any character she likes. Also there's a great sense of satisfaction when with each completed prop she's done for herself.

Her next project will be cosplaying as Danny Choo's mascot Mirai Suenaga. She's even got the blessings from Danny Choo himself who'd sent her high resolution images of his mascot.

We're definitely looking forward to the completion of Mika's upcoming project.

It was a wonderful day meeting and chatting with our finalists, we're blessed that all of them are so willing to share their opinions with us as well.

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