Guest Review - Company of Heroes 2 (reviewed by Fariz Asuka)!

We've got another new game to review, with another new guest writer to boot! Fariz talks about Company of Heroes 2!

When I try games set in the World-War era, they don't usually leave a good impression on me. Perhaps it's because I try to think how it feels fighting in battles in ruins and getting un-expecting events that make gameplay more challenging. Unfortunately this doesn't happen most of the time. That is, until I got my hands on the Company of Heroes 2.

Similar to its predecessor; Company of Heroes 2 is a game which tests your wits and strategy in combat pitting Russians against the German Nazis during World War 2. You get to try many different units in the game, from infantry units such as Grenadier and Engineer to tanks & artilleries such as T-34 Medium Tank and the Elefant Tank Destroyer.

The game system is quite simple; you can fight infantry units with anti-infantry vehicles which in turn can be destroyed by larger anti-vehicle units like tanks and vice versa. Not only does this bring balance into the game system, it allows the player to strategically plan ahead so as to limit casualties in combat.

When I first tried the game, I was impressed at how the heavy tanks can be utilised in breaking down damaged walls to flank the enemy while creating a new pathway for your other units to travel. Even the sniper in the game is as fearsome as they are in real life, creating chaos for the enemy infantry units. Countless times my armies have been pushed back to base by my carelessness, but there are times where I managed to send my troops behind enemy lines and set up ambushes to unsuspecting opponents.

But what really caught my attention is the implementation of snow blizzard in snow combat areas. During the blizzard, any infantry units who are not in buildings/vehicles or near any campfire will slowly freeze to death. Vehicles are not affected by this weather fortunately.

I was caught unaware about it and when I realised it, I lost 2 of my best infantry squads. Although infantry may seem useless in this situation, they are still useful as they only use up less unit points than vehicles and can venture areas which are inaccessible to vehicles.

What I like for this game compared to its predecessor is how the "Commanders" talk during the Battle Plan during the campaign, explaining the objectives in a very badass manner.

However badass it all may seem, the game still suffers from minor bugs and issues. There was once I saw a dead enemy soldier's "ragdoll" body spinning around in circles for no reason. It was totally random but hilarious to watch at that point of time. Apart from that, the game ran smoothly without suffering any issues that affect the whole gameplay experience.

Another thing that really interests me is the new "Theatre of War" under the Multiplayer. In ToW, you are given scenarios, both singleplayer and co-op of which you are given a few simple objectives to complete. For example, me and a friend of mine have to defend our territories against a German army invasion. It was more challenging than playing Skirmish against the AI but it certainly honed our skills in micro managing our units in a very large battlefield.

Although I felt that the main missions could have been more action-packed like the predecessor, the game details and the different style of battle tactics for each faction makes this game as interesting as it was before. Not only that, I would gladly return and play the game to join up with my fellow friends to either play against other online players or face the wrath of the AI opponents.

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Special Thanks to New Era Entertainment for providing the game for review!

- Fariz Asuka