Ani-Merch': SHFiguarts Sailor Mercury!

Every good hero or heroine always needs good allies; and they certainly don't come any better than Ami Mizuno, better known as Sailor Mercury!

The ever-classic "brains" of the group of Sailor Senshi, Sailor Mercury proved herself to be one of Sailor Moon's most steadfast friends. Now, Bandai has confirmed her debut in the SHFiguarts line of figures to accompany her dear leader!

Featuring an excellent sculpt that captures her proportions and colours perfectly; from her long legs to her puffy blue hair!

That's not all though; Sailor Mercury also comes with several optional hand and face parts, allowing you to recreate her various poses such as her Shabon Spray finisher!

The best nod to the fans however, is the inclusion of her trademark HMD goggles; perfect for researching, investigations, or just looking really brainy!

If you're set on getting Sailor Moon, then Mercury is a must - the Sailor Senshi MUST be assembled!!

Pre-orders for Sailor Mercury are now open! Sailor Mercury hits stores in October 2013!!

- Q

Information & Images provided by Bandai!