Q Reviews: Complete Selection Modification Double Driver!

When Serene and I were down at Akihabara's Mandarake, it's almost impossible for a huge Kamen Rider/Tokusatsu nerd like myself to resist the urge to buy something. While that might not be a tough thing for some, I tend to be more discerning a buyer - and happened to find just the item.

Being a big fan of Kamen Rider W/Double, I have bought and owned the entire DX-roleplay toy series of toys for a number of years. But upon seeing a premium version of W's Double Driver Transformation belt that's made just for adult collectors, it was impossible for me to resist!


The box is, simply put, awesome.

Big, thick, and slick, the box of the Double Driver Complete Selection Modification is very striking indeed.

From the smooth, matte black to the badass looking green sketch of W himself adorning all sides of the box, the packaging SCREAMS "Premium Product!" - and I simply love it.

Construction & Detailing

What makes a Complete Selection belt what it is? It's all in the materials used of course, and the Double Driver CSM here is no exception.


Gone are the cheap plastic straps of the DX version and in their place are thick, heavy-duty leather ones with show accurate detailing!

The belt itself is also larger and adjustable, being able to fit most adult waists much more easily.


The main portion of the belt itself has even been spruced up with a more metallic finish, with each of the Gaia Memories (those USB-stick like objects) having a matching 'sparkly' decal.


These changes are really welcomed and don't just make the belt more show accurate, but an excellent display piece as well.


Where the Complete Selection Modification Double Driver differs from a regular Complete Selection belt is in that last word: 'Modification'.

What that means is that at its heart, this is still a DX belt, just... modified.


As such, the underlying electronics of the belt (technically, all the electronics are within each of the 6 gaia memories) are left untouched, and function identically to their DX counterparts.


For the unfamiliar; you insert a Gaia Memory into each of the slots on the belt, with gold-tipped 'Body' memories in the left, and silver tipped 'Soul' memories in the right.


Upon spreading the buckle open, you initiate a Henshin tune, along with the memories boldly screaming out the name of the form you've picked. Thus, you're able to swap around each of the memories to create up to 9 different combinations of forms, with the music and colours changing accordingly.

All this is extremely fun in itself, but those looking for some added new gimmicks will be disappointed - absolutely nothing's different here, outside of some possible sound quality enhancements.

Overall thoughts

Despite the lack of any changes to the main electronics of the belt, this is still a nice piece to own.

The finish on the buckle is excellent, and the new belt straps are fantastic and definitely help it stand out from the regular DX belt. Take into the factor that it's much cheaper than what a 'real' Complete Selection Transformation Belt will cost you (they tend to go for at least 4-5 times more!), you're getting a very decent deal here for the money.

If you're after a proper Complete Selection experience, you might want to still save up and hunt down one of those belts instead (such as Kuuga or Den-O). For a collector who really likes Kamen Rider W, or wants a premium quality belt without entirely wrecking the bank, this is still a great choice.

- Q