Ani-Merch': SHFiguarts Sailormoon!

In the name of the moon, she will PUNISH YOU!

Without a doubt, one of the ultimate classics of anime that has transcended age groups, genders, generations and boundaries has got to be Sailormoon!

Whether in manga form or as an anime series, Sailormoon and her team of Bishoujo Senshi (that's Pretty Soldiers for the uninitiated) have inspired millions of anime fans all over the world. Even other popular properties, such as Card Captor Sakura and Toei Animation's own Pretty Cure series; owe it to Sailormoon for paving the way for the Mahou Shoujo genre.

At long last, fans of お団子頭 ­(odango atama)/ "Dumpling Head" can rejoice, as in celebration of her 20th anniversary, Bandai has brought Sailormoon to the SHFiguarts line!

Sculpted in loving, accurate detail, Sailormoon comes loaded with accessories; a Moon Tiara effects part, her Luna Moon sticks, and of course tons of hands and faces to pull off her signature poses!

With her long awaited collectible-range figure debut, let's hope it's the start of a whole slew of new Sailormoon merchandise to come... and keep our fingers crossed for the rest of the team!


(Tsuki ni kawatte, oshiyoki yo!)

SHFiguarts Sailormoon's preorders open in May 2013, and is set for an August 2013 release!

Check out her Official Tamashii page!

- Q

Images provided by Bandai