Q Reviews: BM! Project Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion!

We've all had one of 'those' days. You know, the kind where you've woken up and you're feeling really, REALLY grumpy. So grumpy that you just feel like destroying EVERYTHING around you? Kamen Rider Decade certainly has had days like that. If you had been labeled a "destroyer of worlds" and having people screaming that everything is "YOUR FAULT!" over and over again all season, you'd go nuts too.

So who can blame him for taking the sudden, dark turn he did in his concluding movie, Movie War 2010. No longer is this the same Decade we've grown used to, this is his 激情態 (gejijyoutai), otherwise known as his Violent Emotion state.

Medicom and Bandai saw it fit to commemorate this dramatic development in Decade's story by giving him this Medicom Premium Club Exclusive BM! Project figure. Does it live up to its notorious reputation?


While I generally try not to go on too long about packaging, I must say that Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion has a really nice box!

With a fairly standard picture of Decade at the front wielding the massive Gigant Missile Launcher, the box comes to us in a really striking dark-purple colour.

Colour aside, this is otherwise a pretty normal bit of packaging - but it definitely looks great on a shelf!


Decade comes with quite a plethora of accessories, namely: 2 x neutral hands, 2 x card-holding hands, 2 x fists, 2 x weapon holding hands, 1 x Gigant holding hand, 3 x Ride Bookers (in book, sword and gun modes), 1 x opened Decadriver and 6 x cards.

The big elephant in the room of course, is the Gigant Missile Launcher. Borrowed from Kamen Rider G4, this weapon looks amazing with its 4 air-brushed missiles, massive size, and accurately printed logos!

Sculpting & Outfit

Decade comes to us as always, in an extremely show-accurate package.

His armour is sharply sculpted, fits well, and of course the awesome new head sculpt is depicted here in all its 'EEEEVVVIL' glory!

There's also his Decadriver belt, which also looks great. I do wish it actually opened and closed seamlessly (like the S.I.C. figure), but the disassemble-reassemble style that Medicom opted for does mean less chances of breakage.

It's impossible to talk about Decade Violent Emotion without comparing him to the original Kamen Rider Decade figure, of which the two are nearly identical.


Aside from the obvious head sculpt differences and slight shades in 'magenta-not-pink', Decade Violent Emotion is actually slightly taller and more 'buff' looking than the original.

The original Decade was (and still is) a very strong figure and Violent Emotion has naturally benefited in many ways from this. But if you're looking for a huge, dramatic difference between the two, you aren't going to get it.


With the new and improved body bestowed upon recent Real Action Heroes figures, Decade Violent Emotion is blessed with above-average poseability.

While the suit’s fit and the armour do prevent him from really extreme poses, he's more than capable of doing stuff he *actually* does in the show.

Coupled with accessories like his new card-holding hands (which are my absolute favourite accessories of his), Decade can be made to look really menacing with just subtle head-tilts and posturing.

While it was a bit of a struggle to fit it in his hand, Decade is able to stand quite well on his own while wielding the Gigant.

I was able to leave him on his own with no display stand for many days, and he showed no signs of 'wilting' or 'toppling'. Needless to say, he looks incredibly bad-ass holding this weapon, and it really makes the figure!

Overall thoughts

This figure was a bit of a tough choice to make - in all honesty, he really does not offer much to someone who already has the original Decade figure. While he does have some great points (some of which I prefer over the original Decade); his improved body, his head sculpt, the card holding hands (and new cards), and of course the Gigant; it's still not exactly enough to off-set the fact that you'd be paying a premium price for a figure you might already own.


What new goodies he has are quite nice however, and if you're like me, having him effectively completes Decade's entire menu of main forms (human, normal, Complete and Violent Emotion), and that makes for a cool display for a huge Kamen Rider fan.

Kamen Rider Decade Violent Emotion is overall a nice figure to have, but for casual collectors, you're better off getting the original.

For more details on upcoming releases, head on down to Medicom's Official Website, and the Medicom Premium Club site.

- Q