Q Reviews: SIC KT Try Chaser 2000!

When it comes to doing a collector-focused toy line, one needs to consider many things in order to make it successful. Paint, sculpt, size, and quality, are but a few important factors to look at. But one such element is that of price - how it balances out with just how much product the consumer is getting is sometimes so critical, it makes or breaks an entire line.

One can't fault Bandai's rationale for doing the S.I.C. Kiwami Tamashii (SIC KT) line. A spin-off of their popular Super Imaginative Chogokin (SIC) line of figures that features 're-imaginings' of various Kamen Riders; the SIC KT line shrinks them down into a tiny 4' in height with a low price to match.

With the success of the Riders in the SIC KT line, it was only natural that Bandai gave the bug-heroes their bikes as well. As after all, what's a Rider without his, well... ride? Today, I'll be taking a look at the Try Chaser 2000 - the trusty bike of Kamen Rider Kuuga!


Between the red foil lettering at the front to the awesome images at the back, the packaging for the SIC KT Try Chaser is actually really, really slick.

With a clear window that lets you see the product in all its glory and its compact size, the packaging is simple but effective.


Besides the Try Chaser itself, the set includes a little clear stand to let you display the bike in a 'riding' position (shown later).

More importantly, it also comes with a pair of gripping hands for your SIC KT Kuuga, as well as the Try Acceler, a hand-held weapon from one of the Try Chaser's handles.


For such a small figure, the Try Chaser comes packing a ton of amazing detail!

From the strong colour combination of red, gold, silver and black, to the crisply etched-in Kuuga symbols, the Try Chaser is an extremely striking piece that accompanies Kuuga perfectly.


Kuuga of course, sits on the bike just fine and scales well with it. Often times, a bike accessory tends to be too large or too small in relation to its intended Rider (no pun intended), but thankfully that's not the case here.

With its combination of hefty plastic and PVC parts, to using rubber for its tyres, the Try Chaser looks and feels absolutely great!

Overall Thoughts

If you have SIC Kiwami Tamashii Kuuga, I honestly don't see a reason why you wouldn't want to get the Try Chaser.


It's an awesome looking piece, it complements Kuuga perfectly giving you both more display and play options (it works great with the stand!), and let's not forget its low retail price.


I honestly had hours of fun posing Kuuga on, beside, and around the bike, and it always looked awesome. With Kuuga himself a strong figure in his own right, this pair is a great addition to your collection - or a good way to get started!

- Q