Ani-Merch’: Nendoroid Rin & Wooser!


Life as an anime character must be tough.

You work your butt off to appease the thousands of viewers out there to watch your show; you dance, sing and act your heart out to gain the much needed attention for yourself, and what happens? Some cutesy girl comes along and steals your thunder. Just great.


Such is the life of Wooser from Wooser no Sono Higurashi, the weird, perverted, yet somehow extremely awesome... dog-rabbit-eared-thing! Good Smile Company has been enlightened by Wooser's awesomeness, and has given him (as well as his aforementioned spotlight stealer, Rin) the Nendoroid figure he so deserves!


Not only is the Nendoroid Wooser sculpted to perfection, capturing every facet of his handsome visage, but he also comes with the massive Mecha Wooser, complete with drill arm and brilliant metallic finish! Oh, and Rin's kinda cute too with her yellow hoodie and everything. (And she can ride the Mecha Wooser too - just saying...)

Feel the need to own a fabulous piece of plastic that is the very embodiment of truth, justice, manliness and all around epic-times? Then look no further, friend - Wooser is YOUR man!!

Nendoroid Rin & Wooser hit shelves this May 2013.

- Q