Ani-Merch': RAH Homura Akemi!


Heroes are cool, that's a fact. They wear flashy outfits, have relatable back-stories, fight the good fight, and no matter how tough it is - they always survive to see the end and spout the moral-filled catch phrase.

But the real truth is that heroes these days are often upstaged by that seemingly 'less important' side character.

You know whom we're talking about - that one character who acts all cold and gruff. Lurking in the background, only to pop up once in a while to either save the hero from a tough situation/kick the hero's butt, spout an enigmatic line, before leaving.

Yes, we are talking about the anti-hero.


Every good show these days has a character that's equivalent to one, and they often at the very least, get a strong cult following, or even surpass the "main character" in popularity. This is no exception to Puella Magi Madoka Magica, with its own anti-hero being in the form of Homura Akemi.

Seemingly cold and aloof, Homura's role in Puella Magi Madoka Magica eventually turned out to be a critical one - and with Homura being realised as one of Madoka's most valuable allies!

Now, Medicom has decided to give this mysterious girl her very own Real Action Heroes figure, which should delight legions of fans of "Homu-homu" everywhere!

As true to the quality of a premium 12" action doll, Homura is decked out in her extremely show-accurate Magical Girl attire, right down to the pleats in her skirt.


Everyone knows Homu-homu kicks butt, so Medicom's made sure she has the tools to do it! Not only does she come with her trademark shield, but she also includes a handgun, her "Matador" bazooka, a rifle, and even a golf club!


To round off this package, Ms. Akemi also has numerous face-plates to let you display her with various expressions. Stoic (as always), yelling, and even a smiling face with matching pair of red glasses... possibly a hint of her from a time long passed? (We're not spoiling!)

Homura is hitting shelves August 2013! Better save up for this wicked witch hunter!

- Q