Street Fighter X Mega Man - Ryodo Review

The main logo/Start Screen for the game. Old school, yet refreshing at the same time.

I've been a big fan of the Blue Bomber since I was a kid (I remembered my first Rockman game being Rockman 4), and I'm still a big fan now. Because I'm a big fanboy of the series, for the sake of this review I will continue calling him Rockman, because I can.

Street Fighter X Rockman is a fan-based game created by Seow Zong Hui, a Singaporean, and endorsed and supported by Capcom. This game was made in order to celebrate both Street Fighter and Rockman's 25th anniversary, and is available online for free. Being a hardcore Rockman fan, how could I pass on this?

So I decided to download the game and booted it up on the computer I use at work (because playing games during work is a very productive thing).

The Stage Select screen. All the classic characters are in this game. Needless to say, they scared the crap out of Rockman here.

The game is played in Rockman's style: classic side scrolling platformer, with Street Fighter characters as bosses that Rockman has to defeat. From what I understand, the bosses are selected according to their uniqueness and the games that they appear in (for example, C. Viper first appears in Street Fighter 4; Rose first appears in Street Fighter Alpha, etc.). As do all Rockman games, this game also follows the Rock Paper Scissors gameplay: every boss is weak to another boss' weapon.

This screen is a hybrid of Rockman's boss screen and Street Fighter's VS screen. I would love to see more detailed sprites of each character though.

The gameplay is very similar to Rockman 4 with the sliding and charged shots that Rockman can perform. The stage and enemy designs are heavily influenced by the designs from the original Street Fighter series and the countries that each boss represents. For example, Ryu comes from Japan, so his stage design shares similarities with Japanese monuments.

I like how Seow Zong Hui includes easter eggs in the game. Here, the chinese characters of 1987 is shown. Both Rockman and Street Fighter started in 1987, so this is definitely paying homage to the two series.

For a fan-based game, the controls are very smooth, comparable to the original Rockman games. I'm not sure if you're able to plug in a USB game controller and play with it, but if you can, this game is definitely a gem that will shine.

I also like how the game follows closely to the two series. For Rockman's side, I'm pretty sure it's already very obvious. For Street Fighter's side, the bosses have a Super meter which charges up whenever they take damage. When full, they unleash their Super moves. When you defeat a boss, you'll get their Super move as your weapon which you can use to defeat other bosses.

The soundtrack for this game is simply amazing too, and by simply I mean literally. All the audio in this game (soundtrack and sound effects) are chiptune, and it has that distinctive Rockman feel to it. If that's not enough, throw in a remix of well known Street Fighter music and you got yourself a winner.

You Got Hadoken! As always, Dan rolls in and takes a hit before rolling away.

The Super meter, as shown on the left side of the boss' health meter (the meter with 2 bars left). Rockman is charging up and waiting for the right moment to deal the final blow to Dhalsim, completely oblivious to his impending doom.

Of course, every game has its flaws, and this game is no exception. First of all, the conventional method of closing the programme with Alt + F4 does not work here. Instead, to close the game, you have to hit the Escape key. Seems legit and simple to execute, but sometimes you'll accidentally hit the Escape key and your whole game shuts off, all your unsaved progress being lost just like that.

This brings me to my next point: save features. Believe it or not, this game has none. No passwords, no save states, nothing. You have to finish the whole game in one sitting, and if you feel that you're not good enough to finish this game, you have to sit down and keep playing through until you "level up", which ruins the replay value in my honest opinion. Also, you don't get the chance to continue the stage or just go to stage select; the former option has been completely removed. Instead, what you get is a picture of Rockman looking real depressed and a countdown timer prompting you to continue, obviously a homage to the Street Fighter continue screens.

I know Rockman is supposed to look sad here and all, but he looks like he just lost his soul and a lot of weight.

Lastly, there is a spelling error in this game! If it's just a solo effort, I would understand since it's really hard to perfect everything alone, but this is supported by Capcom! They should at least have someone proof read the game before releasing it to the general public!

You Got Tropical Hazzard! Wait... what? WHAT??? HAZZARD???

Overall, Street Fighter X Rockman is a great game not just for its fun factor, but also the fact that it brings the nostalgic feeling of Rockman and Street Fighter back to your heart. If you haven't played it, do give this one a try because it's free and really worth it! Since it's created by a fellow Singaporean, we all know that free is good, right? Go play lah!

Thanks for reading my review, and may you Get Inspired Now!

- Ryodo