Ani-Merch': Q Reviews - RAH Masked Rider Garren!


We love collecting things like cards and toys. We also love super heroes who solve problems by talking it out, having tea, and then flying kicking the said problem in the face. So when Masked Rider Blade combined all these wonderful elements in its 2004 TV series, it was probably of surprise to no one that the show was fairly successful.

One of the other main reasons for the show's success was the fact that it had a strong cast of 4 main heroes. One of these heroes has finally received the Medicom Real Action Heroes (RAH) treatment to join Blade himself; it's the gun slinging, veteran fighter Sakuya Tachibana, better known as Masked Rider Garren!


Masked Rider Garren comes in what is again, fairly standard Medicom RAH-style packaging.

The box is a uniform rectangular shape with a nice water-colour artwork of Garren himself on the front. On the back, we have the usual spread of toy-shots showcasing its features.


Garren comes with: 2 x fists, 2 x open hands, 2 x gun holding hands, 1 x right card-holding hand, his Garren Rouser Gun and 12 x Rouse Cards.

If that wasn't obvious enough, Garren has quite a generous spread of accessories. He has just about everything he needs to pull off every pose he's known for, and then some.

Of special note are his Rouse Cards, of which we're given 9 of his regular cards and 3 blank ones. Looks like he still has some Undead left to catch!

Sculpting & Outfit

All the characters in Masked Rider Blade shared many armour parts and suit designs, which is a standard practice of having a show that features several Riders.

In Garren's case, he shares the same body suit, knee and shin pads, boots, gloves and gauntlets. This makes his unique features is helmet, chest, shoulders, and of course, his Garren Rouser fire arm with its awesome card-fanning-out feature, and Diamond-themed henshin belt.


Bizarrely, while all the details are perfectly captured, this is a rare instance where the figure is not entirely show accurate - and ends up looking better than the suit in the show!


Rather than the brighter reds and greens, Garren's RAH figure is instead presented to us wearing a dark maroon bodysuit, deep green eyes, and touches of bright silver for his armour. Coupled with some bits of metallic red and we have an amazing looking figure despite not being 100% accurate to the actual source material!


Masked Rider Garren's suit is somewhat loose-fitting, but thankfully not to the extent that it dangles off his body in any unsightly manner.

This grants him a more-than-reasonable amount of movement, with the exception of the shoulders to a limited extent. Otherwise, the figure will let you pull off all his gun-slinging, axe-kicking, "SAYOKO!!"-ing poses with ease.

The real magic here that really makes him a fun figure has to be, again, the fact that he has strong accessory variety. With him being easy to pose, I've had hours of fun mixing and matching all the various parts to create all kinds of displays.

Overall thoughts

Garren was a Medicom Premium Club Exclusive, making him more costly than the average RAH figure. Together with his status as a secondary character, it's understandable that some might not find him to be as "essential" a purchase as the more primary Riders.

However, as is the case with supporting characters, having them around really helps to flesh out a collection very nicely and Garren certainly does that in Spades (no pun intended), looking very slick next to Masked Rider Blade. It also helps that, as already mentioned, Garren really is an amazing looking figure with great play and display value in his own right.

If you happen to be a Garren-fanatic (there are some out there!), a fan of the Blade-series in general, or even a curious Rider-fan looking for ways to expand his collection; definitely give Garren a go!



For more details on upcoming releases, head on down to Medicom's Official Website, and the Medicom Premium Club site.

- Q