Ani-Merch': Q Reviews - BM! Project Kamen Rider Meteor!

Every good hero needs a good helping hand!

In the case of Gentaro Kisaragi, better known as Kamen Rider Fourze, his helping hand comes in one of the flashiest, most butt-kicking ways possible. We're of course talking about the meteoroid-themed, Bruce-Lee-esque martial arts fighter, Ryuusei Sakuta - Kamen Rider Meteor!

No stranger to the masked heroes themselves, Medicom Toy Corp. (with some help from Bandai), had recently given Kamen Rider Meteor the esteemed 12-inch figure treatment under their Bandai-Medicom (BM!) Project line.

With the popularity of the character and being a fan of Meteor myself, this release had been one I was greatly anticipating - so let's dive right in!


In similar vein to their Real Action Heroes figures, Medicom's BM! Project boxes are clean & simple in design with a full-bodied shot of Kamen Rider Meteor on the front. The back of the box has a somewhat flashier design, with a closer mug shot of our Rider, accompanied by his catch phrase from the show as well as some logos and graphics. The box lacks an inner flap, as is the case occasionally with exclusive items.

The packaging does its job overall, though there's really little to talk about.


Meteor comes with: 2 x neutral, slightly pointing hands, 2 x 'martial arts' hands, 1 x right fist, 1 x left pointing hand, 1 x right 'posing' hand and 1 x Meteor Astro Switch.

Unfortunately, Meteor's accessory count is rather light and uneven in its spread. While having his 'martial arts' hands is very welcomed and appreciated, oddities like having just 1 proper 'fist’, and lacking wide-open palms, (or even proper neutral hands) is strange and might make some poses look unnatural.

Of special note is his Meteor Astro Switch, which is very well detailed, but also EXTREMELY tiny - don't lose it!!

Sculpting & Outfit

While arguably loud and outlandish, it's hard to deny that Kamen Rider Meteor has one of the most eye-catching and unique designs we've seen in a while from a character in the series. From the unique star-patterned black suit the figure wears, to the asymmetrical blue armour - Medicom has done an exquisite job in capturing Meteor's look from the show.

Perhaps my only point of contention here is that his helmet, which is also appropriately meteoroid-themed with its gorgeous purple eyes, seems a little long at the jaw. From my memory of it on the show, and even compared to the photo on the box, Meteor's helmet appears to be significantly more rounded, while the figure's jawline seems a bit elongated. Considering Medicom's panache for making extremely show-accurate figures, this took me by surprise. It's not too big a deal though, as a simple tilt of the head fixes this instantly, but it's still worth pointing out.

Otherwise, this is simply A-grade work right here. The suit fits very well and feels great, the armour is sharply sculpted, and of course Meteor's key items; his Meteor Driver Belt and Meteor Galaxy gauntlet; are perfectly recreated here. You can even insert the Meteor Astro Switch in either item just like on the actual roleplay toys!


As I've mentioned in my previous review, the articulation of just about any 12-inch figure is really defined by how restrictive the outfit it wears is. In the case of Kamen Rider Meteor, posing-junkies will be delighted to know that he gets quite a good deal!

His outfit stretches and flexes with a surprising amount of "give" to it, despite its appearance. With the exception of his right shoulder being slightly restricted by his armour, Meteor can stand, pose, punch, and kick like a champ!

With some patience (and a lot of care!), you can get him in just about any pose you see him do in the show. Considering the often-restrictive nature of the Heisei Kamen Riders' costumes as of late, this definitely came as a pleasant surprise.

Overall thoughts

At risk of sounding like a broken record, the usual caveats apply here once again. This isn't a cheap figure by any means, especially being a Medicom Premium Club exclusive, of which one had to order online to obtain. Taking that, together with Meteor's small accessory count, and the care one would need to take in maintaining the suit, are all perfectly valid causes of concern.

However, his above-average poseability (and thus, playability), and simply being an excellent representation of a very eye-catching design, makes him the ultimate piece for any fan of Meteor, or Kamen Rider Fourze in general. He's especially recommended if you already have BM! Project Kamen Rider Fourze, as he accompanies him perfectly!


"Your fate will be decided by ME!"

For more details on upcoming releases, head on down to Medicom's Official Website, and the Medicom Premium Club site.

- Q