Man vs Pirates vs Wild: QB-sensei's Far Cry 3 review!

On one hand, you have role-playing elements - gameplay aspects that allow you to use the experience gained from combat to imbue your character with skills of your choice, allowing him to become either a stealthy rogue or a marauding juggernaut. On another hand, you have first-person elements - you are looking through the eyes of your character, experiencing the pleasure, pain and combat adrenaline like you are the character. On yet another hand, you have adventure elements - vast tracts of virtual landscape that beckon your curiosity for exploration to every city, hamlet and town offered to you. Combine all these elements, mix them in a blender and put it in one game, and what do you get?

You get Far Cry 3.

A... Far Cry from what you would expect from a holiday adventure.

Developed by Ubisoft, Far Cry 3 takes you into the eyes of Jason Brody, who ended up being captured and tossed into a pirate-infested island after a holiday adventure gone wrong. After breaking out of captivity, he found himself saved by the people of the Rakyat, the natives of Rook Island - an island somewhere along the outskirts of the Malay Archipelago, based on the greetings and the name Rakyat, which is of Malay origin. Jason will have to hunt, kill and navigate his way through the island in order to save his friends and his brother.

"Selamat tengahari" (literal translation from Malay: good noon) greeted in the middle of the night with lights illuminating the village. Yeah, sounds about right.

As a first-time player of the Far Cry series, the first-person mechanics felt unique as compared to other first-person gameplay genres; hands by the side while sprinting, no crosshairs while climbing ladders - the feeling is like the player is immersed in the character of Jason, akin to literally experiencing every moment of pain and glory through his eyes.

Another factor that entices me to this game is the opportunity to explore vast terrains, as far as the eye can see, with small yet steady progress in discovering new areas. However, the biggest factor that sets Far Cry 3 apart from the rest is the addition of hunting in the gameplay mechanics. Hunt for wild boars to get their hide for crafting pouches, harvest wild plants for syringes, all that jazz - when it comes to survival, make lemonade when life gives you lemons, only in this game, harvestable plants and animals are the lemons, and crafted items are the lemonade.

Think of it as "Man vs Wild", only without drinking your own urine.

The graphics are quite impressive, if I say so myself - from the way the sun shines on the island during the sunrise, to how the water glistens with serenity, nature was well-replicated in this game. However, never let the calm demeanour of nature fool you; dangers tend to lurk even naturally, from feral wild boars to marauding wild buffaloes, as they will charge at you on sight. Remember, it's either kill or be killed.

Overall, I am quite impressed with what Far Cry 3 has to offer. Excellent graphics, vast gameplay and various ways to nurture the character of my own volition has enticed me to further immerse myself into this game. If you are either looking for a first-person shooter with a difference, or would love to try out a role-playing adventure game through the eyes of the main character, then Far Cry 3 is for you.

So what are you waiting for? The game has been launched since 4th December 2012; trust me, you will love this game.

Special Thanks to New Era Entertainment!

- QB-sensei