Ani-Merch': Tamashii Exclusive SHFiguarts Wild Tiger - Top Mag Ver.!

Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and even Doraemon - every super hero (or similar being) has his or her humble origins. Indeed, it is important for every individual to start at the hypothetical "bottom of the heap" so that the ever-essential character-building benefits can be reaped from the following battles to reach the status of a true super hero!


Kotetsu "Wild Tiger" T. Kaburagi is no exception! Before he donned the magnificently manly pearl-white-and-green suit that we know and love him for, he was another typical spandex-clad vigilante!

SHFiguarts has now helped to immortalise Wild Tiger's earlier days with this new figure! Sculpted with hilariously-awesome levels of accuracy, Wild Tiger is presented to us in a vibrant bright blue-and-white outfit, complete with doofy mask and "TOP MAG" logo emblazoned on his front.


Scheduled for a January release in 2013, this figure is also a Tamashii Web Store exclusive, meaning that it can only be ordered from their website directly, or in our case, from a hobby store. Better make it like a Tiger, and lunge at the opportunity to get one before it's too late!

- Q