anibee Gashapon Features

Saint Seiya Swing - 7 designs

Gintama Natsumatsuri Strap - 6 designs

Fate/Zero Swing 2 - 7 designs

Femme fatales such as Saber and Rin are featured with 2 variants each in this set!

Aquarion Evol Swing - 6 designs

The classic anime, Genesis of Aquarion, made its huge comeback with Aquarion Evol!

One Piece Statue 4 - 5 designs

Brook, Chopper, and even Shirahoshi-hime are characters featured in this set. Also includes 3 variant versions.

One Piece Nagisa Chopper - 6 designs

From TV Animation One Piece Metal Key Charm 2 - 14 designs

This set features a bevy of designs and variations, including gold, silver and grey versions.

Big and Transparent Doraemon - 6 designs

These Doraemon merchandise have 2 display options - full bodied, or fold the torso away into the head for a more compact look!