The Vacation... of your NIGHTMARES! Far Cry 3 Release Date: December 4, 2012

Meet Jason Brody, an ordinary young man who was taking a nice little adventuring holiday with his friends. Sailing, surfing, fishing - all that great stuff. They find what appeared to be a quaint little island, and like most like-minded tourists, decided to stop by, grab a few drinks, and have a good time there.

Only problem? The island has been the grips of violent conflict amongst the people for many years, producing many unstable individuals who happen to be in charge of running it!

Beaten, bruised and stranded, Jason must do everything he can to rescue his girlfriend and escape the island's crazed denizens. Fight, learn the rules of the jungle, and perhaps even dive into the realms of insanity!

The 2nd, true sequel to the franchise, Far Cry 3 features a vast, open-world for players to explore and survive it. With highly advanced AI, dynamic environments, and multiple ways to explore, move, and even kill, Far Cry 3 boasts game play that's up to 10-times larger than its predecessor!

Not just about running-and-gunning, players will also have the ability to learn various new survival skills, talk to a fascinating array of characters, and even edit their own maps to challenge their friends with!

Boasting a ton of new content and an intriguing atmosphere of perpetual danger, Far Cry 3 looks to be a huge treat for fans. Hang tight - it's time to go crazy!

Images courtesy of New Era Entertainment!

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