The MAGIC of Creation!


Photo Montage By: Wu Lindi

Batch: Diploma in Game Design DGD0211

Ever played a video game that you liked, or even DIDN'T like, and thought to yourself, "I can make a game better than this!"?

Here's your chance to prove it to yourself - introducing MAGES Institute of Excellence!

Located conveniently on Orchard Road, Singapore, MAGES is a private institution that specialises in delivering the absolute, most cutting-edge level of education and training in the fields of Game Design, Animation and Media!


Castle - Composition By: Wesley

Batch: Diploma in Game Design DGD0211

Not merely stacking books on top of you, MAGES instead provides the optimal holistic educational experience by balancing enriching academic research with in-depth and relevant hands-on practical knowledge.

MAGES also works closely with industry experts, and even offers courses endorsed by world-renowned institutes such as the Brock University, Canada and Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland. MAGES also offers University of London International Programmes which is again a testimony to the fact that MAGES provides quality education to students housed in a state-of-the-art campus!

Here's what some students had to say:

"Within our campus, we are provided with hi-tech hardware facilities in the form of desktops and drawing tablets which are installed with state-of-the-art software. In addition to that, we have a well endowed library, an E-book facility and free of charge notes and handouts to facilitate our lectures. The campus computer-labs are open every day of the week, aiding us in increasing the amount of self-practice we can do. The environment within campus is also peaceful and very conducive for learning."

- Kelvin Ong Jun Xiang
Diploma in Game Design
(DGD0211 - Full time batch) 2011-12

"The lectures and seminars are well conducted. The small lecturer to student ratio also allows more individual attention to be given to us. Especially the MAGES Guided Project provides an excellent medium to learn more about project management and apply skills we have learnt in our course."

- Wesley Leow Zhen Hui
Diploma in Game Design
(DGD0211 –- Full time batch) 2011-12

"The lecturers are very well-endowed with expertise in their respective fields of knowledge. They are to connect and relate with us. They provide us with guidance not only for students within the class but also for real life matters."

- Wu Lindi
Diploma in Game Design
DGD0211 –- Full time batch) 2011-12

"The international gaming market is worth more than 68 billion dollars this year. If you are someone who truly has the passion, MAGES provides the pathway to this multibillion dollar industry."

- Low Wee Meng Bryan
Diploma in Game Design
(DGD0211 -– Part time batch) 2011-12

Up for making a career out of your hobby and passion? Then check out MAGES Institute of Excellence - and prove that you can have your cake and eat it too!

For more information, check out MAGES Institute of Excellence's website!

- Q