IAHGames Title Rundown - SuperStar Live!

Mika IAH

anibee was graciously invited by our friends at IAHGames for an early test-play of 2 of their hottest, upcoming new games. So what better way to enjoy playing brand new games than to share the experience with others!

Mika IAH

We had our ambassador, Mika on the scene, along with a few other friends in tow to give these games a whirl and tell us what they thought. Today, we'Â’ll look at SuperStar Live! Take it away guys:


Are you too shy to sing in public? Do you ever wanna karaoke at home? Well~ There is a new game called SuperStar live and it's coming to Singapore! From K-POP to old hits, the game allows you to sing in a PVP style against friends. SuperStar live is a unique experience!

Wei Qi IAH

Chung Wei Qi

Similar to AuditionSEA, SuperStar Live differs in that it has a unique karaoke mode, as well as a normal button pressing mode that some can enjoy if they want to rest from singing. For both modes, there is a duet or group mode that you and your friends can try out - even guys can sing a duet together! There is also a variety of clothing that you can customise your avatars with to make them a splitting image of yourself!

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Yu Shan IAH

Ng Yu Shan

Superstar Live is a fascinating game fit for both genders and for all ages, comprised of both singing and rhythm game elements. Anyone can enjoy the game even if they do not know the songs! Having the opportunity to perform singing online while playing a game is a totally unique new experience for me - it's definitely worth your time, especially if you have friends who also enjoy singing and music-rhythm games!

Takanori IAH

Takanori Takahashi

It's a better game compared to 'Audition' in my opinion, having the better graphics. The only real problem I can foresee is that playing the singing parts might be a bit troublesome if the LAN café lacks a proper microphone for you to use, although a headset should do nicely. A nice game overall!

Mika IAH

Stay tuned as next time, we get to hear their thoughts on IAHGames' other upcoming offering - FairyLand 2!

Special thanks to Wei Qi, Yu Shan and Takanori for joining us in the gaming session!