Rider Ruckus - SHFiguarts!

As every hot-blooded young man (and young man at heart) ought to know, there are few things in life that can guarantee a good time as much as watching men in bug costumes flying kick other men in monster costumes until they explode. Having been on air for about 40 years now, Kamen Rider has grown pretty popular amongst even non-Japanese crowds here, especially within the past half-decade. Furthermore, in my honest opinion, the only real way to experience a show is to have merchandise to accompany it!

So let's talk about merchandise, or more specifically for this article; SHFiguarts!

These approximately 4" beauties are essentially, highly detailed, fully poseable action figures that feature a number of your favourite characters from various shows, but the mainstay of this line is undeniably Kamen Rider.

Featuring mostly several popular Heisei (those are the newer guys) Riders and everyone in-between, the line has also recently begun to include more Showa (the old school guys) Riders too. Not content with being simple action figures, SHFiguarts often include tons of accessories such as a multitude of hands in different poses, weapons, and even head pieces!

Alongside the regular SHFiguart releases are the Tamashii Webstore Exclusives. Figures that are made as Tamashii releases are made-to-order exclusives that one has to order from the website (or through an authorised dealer).

Although they tend to price a little higher than the regular releases, it also offers several characters, accessories, and even vehicles not available in the normal line! Villainous Riders, Special Forms, Rider Machines - the sky's the limit!

With their addictive collectability, it's little wonder that the SHFiguarts line has had much critical acclaim, and is often the go-to line for most Kamen Rider fans! Do you collect SHFiguarts? Would you like to see specific figures being featured here? Drop us a line!

All images taken from Tamashii Web

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