Courage of the lion

Courage of the lion

MG 1/100 Unicorn Gundam Unit 02: Banshee

Another Master Grade masterpiece is here! the Black Unicorn. Instead of a Unicorn, the Banshee's motif a lion, and it has gold accents on the forehead and a golden collar as well as a different horn from the Unicorn.

Like the Unicorn, Banshee can switch between "unicorn" and "destroy" mode, where the mobile suit can reveal more golden frame and a special horn design. The rest of its frame is all black in colour, and it has been rumoured that this unit is more powerful than the Unicorn in space combat.

This kit also comes with a beam launcher and a unique shield and claw weapon that takes up the entire left arm, as well as a display stand that helps you to pose it in every way imaginable.

A walking arsenal

HG R13 Providence Gundam

The Providence is from the series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and is piloted by Rau Le Creuset. It features the features the powerful DRAGOON system, as its primary weapon.

This gigantic weapon is mounted on a large backpack and it allows the pilot to remotely control multiple weapon pods for a devastating attack from multiple directions.

The Providence also includes two chest-mounted guns, a shield-mounted double guns and a deadly beam saber for close combat. With such a formidable arsenal of weapons at its disposable, it's easy to see why the Providence has very few competitors!