Fight for freedom!

Fight for freedom!

HG R15 Freedom Gundam

The Freedom Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny is the mobile suit of Kira Yamato. With its nuclear reactor engine, it has almost unlimited combat endurance, and can fight on for much longer than any of its opponents.

The Freedom Gundam is designed for long-range combat and uses long range weapons such as plasma beam cannons, railguns, and CIWS guns. However, if the battle gets too close for comfort, it can whip out its beam sabers, beam rifle and combat shield for instant close-range defence!

Justice is served!

HG R14 Justice Gundam

Piloted by Athrun Zala, the Justice Gundam is a deadly fighter that is usually reserved for commanders. It features better weapons and armour, and has more mobility and speed than conventional units.

Some of the Justice Gundam's many weapons include two hip-mounted beam sabers, beam boomerangs, head-mounted CIWS guns and a high-energy beam rifle. For flight capabilities, the Justice has a large detachable Fatum-00 sub-flight lifter, which is also armed with beam cannons and several machine guns.

For defensive purposes, the Justice is also equipped with a single combat shield on its left arm, as well as tough armour throughout its body. This makes the unit extremely difficult to destroy quickly and highlights the importance of its survival.