Welcome to your Nightmare! Alan Wake's American Nightmare (Xbox 360/PC) Release date: Out now!


Fans of 2010's Alan Wake rejoice, as Remedy Entertainment has finally brought us this new downloadable follow-up in the form of American Nightmare!

The tale of fictional novelist, Alan Wake, continues as the player controls the titular character once again as he fights and chases down a mysterious being known only as "the herald of darkness" which threatens to take away everything Alan holds dear.


Those who enjoyed the previous game will be more than happy to know that every element that made Alan Wake unique and enjoyable has been retained! Players must carefully and strategically use any and every source of light; flashbangs, flares and torch lights; to weaken and take down enemies with conventional weapons.

What's new this time round is a greater, more battle-focused version of gameplay. More ammunition and variety of weapons are now at the player's disposal, including machine guns, a nail gun, and even a cross bow! There's even a new "arcade" mode that pits players against waves of enemies - finally a way to scratch that itchy trigger finger!


Alan Wake's American Nightmare is now available as a standalone game for PC and downloadable on Xbox Live Arcade. Get ready to turn off... the dark!

- Q