The Asuno Legacy Lives On!

HG 1/144 AGE-03 Normal
The Asuno Legacy Lives On!

With his father, Asemu, missing in action, it's up to 13-year old Kio to inherit the AGE Device and take over the reins in the Gundam AGE-03! Decked out with its massive Blustia Cannon and arm-mounted Beam Sabers, this HG kit can also split into the AGE-03's 2 components, recreating its Core Block System. Fulfill your destiny with this mighty mobile suit!

AG 1/144 AGE-03 Fortress
Built to Rule!

With built-in hover units and its massive SigMaxiss Cannons, the AGE-03's Fortress wear is the equipment of choice for Kio when the situation calls for mobility - and firepower! Snap this AG kit together, and scan it into your Gage-ing team today!