Toy Lovin' Tokyo!

From the 14th till the 17th of June 2012, the International Tokyo Toy Show unfolded for toy lovers everywhere.

With dozens of the biggest names in the toy industry having attended the event, there were plenty of exciting new and upcoming products for all those who paid a visit to see! Check out some of the pictures provided to us by our guest reporter!

Chugginton Plarail - a series of various rails & roads and the die-cast vehicles that can ride them!

Eco-Dash - Tomy's latest RC car line - no batteries required!

Can't go without some gunpla - the new MG Gundam AGE-2!

It's Morphin' Time! Go-Busters (the current Super Sentai series in Japan) merchandise keeps rolling out!

Astro Switch mayhem! Are you missing anything?

An exciting new announcement - One Piece ARcarddass Formation, featuring cards that you can scan in with your smart phone!

Ichiro 'Aniki' Mizuki was there to introduce the all-new Chogokin Mazinger-Z!

Lots of awesome new stuff seems to be in store for us later this year - we can't wait!!

- Q

Pictures courtesy of Shengtai Toys!