Know your Grades!

Building Gundam model kits (otherwise popularly known as 'gunpla') is an enriching and insanely addictive hobby that any fan of giant robot should try out!

However, as fun and addicting as it is, with the HUGE variety of kits to choose from it can be extremely daunting for the newbie to decide on where to begin. Here's some basic information we'd like to share to help you start out!

1/144 High Grade (HG)

Image source: Gundam Century

A good place for beginners to start from, the HG line of gunpla kits are affordable, fairly detailed and articulated, and usually features the most complete line-up of Mobile Suits featured in a show. The 1/144 size is also a pretty popular scale, as it takes up little room without too many sacrifices.

1/100 Scale

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Often called the 'No Grade' line, the 1/100s are very much like the HGs in every way. As the name implies though, these are of a larger scale and often, of an incremental increase in detail and features. More complex features are usually featured in some form with a few compromises, such as transformations that require the swapping of parts.

1/100 Master Grade (MG)

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A slightly more expensive, but extremely popular line, the MGs are of a similar size to the 'No Grade' kits, but packed with tons of detail such as panel lines and even working cockpits! Nearly every MG also has an 'internal skeleton' of some form, lending a nice heft to the kit.

1/60 Perfect Grade (PG)

Image source: Gunpla Inochi

The ultimate scale for the expert builder! PGs come at a high price tag, but with it comes an exquisite level of features, detail and quality! Standing at a massive 1/60 size (about 12" for most Gundams), PG kits have many exclusive features such as light up eyes, a full internal skeleton, an insane level of detail as well as extremely life-like articulation - such as the knuckles on the fingers!

1/144 Real Grade (RG)

Image source: Gundam Planet

The newest of the lines, the RGs are an interesting amalgamation; being of a small, 1/144 size, but packing enough detail and articulation to rival most MGs and even PGs! Definitely one to check out for an interesting challenge - not to be underestimated!