Become the Enemy to Destroy him!

Prototype 2 (Activision, PC/PS3/Xbox 360, Action) Release Date: 24th April 2012

The Blacklight virus is back, as is the gritty, apocalyptic world of Prototype, with a sequel that's set to be bigger and better!

Taking place 14 months after the events of the first game, in a renamed New York City called 'New York Zero', you control a new protagonist, Sergeant James Heller. Infected with a new strain of the Blacklight virus himself, he is out to exact revenge on the man that caused the outbreak that took the lives of his wife and daughter - the man named Alex Mercer, the hero from the first Prototype game?!

Along with an intriguing story, Prototype 2 boasts an even larger, free-roaming world for players to explore. Richer environments, increased destructibility, a greater range of NPC animations and an all-new 'Tendril power' ability that James possesses, are just a handful of improvements fans and new-comers alike can look forward to!

Ready to rip into what looks to be an excellent action-romp? Then prepare yourself - it's time to get infected!