A Hell of a Good Time (Soon)!

Source: Diablo 3

It's difficult to believe, but it's true - Diablo III, after a LONG wait, is finally almost upon us, and what a wait it's been! This eagerly anticipated sequel to Diablo and Diablo II, 2 of the best selling action 'hack & slash' RPGs ever, is slated to hit US shores on 15th May 2012. Before that happens however, let's take a peek at what we can look forward to!

Occurring 20 years after the events in Diablo II, the heroes that had saved the world of Sanctuary from the hellish onslaught of Diablo have gone mad from the traumatic experience. A new generation of heroes must now rise and stand up to the rising new threat from hell. Just recalling memories of playing Diablo II while huddled over an old laptop, makes this writer come to a stunning realisation that it's been almost 16 years since we've last journeyed into hell!

There's been lots of advancements in those 16 years though, and Blizzard looks poised to make use of all that time that has passed to deliver us a devilish good time with Diablo III!

Aside from 4 new character classes (and the 1 returning Barbarian), lots of new gameplay mechanics have been introduced. Each class now powers their abilities with their own unique means. The Barbarian for instance, uses 'Fury' to make use of his abilities while the Demon Hunter uses both 'Hatred' for offense and 'Discipline' for defense. Many other little tweaks have been made, such as health drops from enemies to replace potions and a 'Skill Rune' system, for the purpose of making gameplay faster and tighter.

Blizzard's free online service, 'Battle.net' also makes a return to fully support multiplayer co-operative play for Diablo III. Further bolstering this is a new auction house feature that lets players purchase equipment from one other using both in-game gold and actual money.

It's taken ages, but we think the wait is going to be worth it! Get your weapons ready folks - it's time to go back to hell!